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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 26, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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saturday, september 6th, on blest prann in for anna kooiman. john boehner announces he is out. >> speaker boehner announced that he will be resigning. [cheers] >> the time has come to turn the page and allow you a new generation of leadership in this country. >> who is on the short list to replace him and was it time for him to go? >> the next stop on the pope's american tour, philadelphia. pope francis making his way to philadelphia after a historic trip to new york city. the world's most famous arena. his message, that story coming up today. coming up.
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it's. >> it's the dress all over again, this picture. it's puzzling the internet this morning. is this little girl under water or jumping into it. it has the internet abuzz. we will get to the bottom of it with our team of panelists this morning and we will analyze it. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> i am confused that you you are confused. >> only the internet would be baffled by that elizabeth prann is sitting in. >> i brought the drummer from i ---drama from washington this morning. >> the speaker of the house announced yesterday he is stepping down at the end of october, his name is john boehner. he has been there for about five years. this was not entirely unexpected. the timing was earlier than most thought. here is part of the reaction to this announcement from republican candidates running for president at the voters summit yesterday.
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watch. >> just a few minutes ago speaker boehner announced that he will be resigning. [cheers and applause] >> the time has turned the page and allow a now generation of leadership in this country. >> you want to know how much each of you terrify washington? yesterday boehner was speaker of the house. y'all come to town and somehow that changes. >> john boehner has a private meeting yesterday with pope francis and all the reports are that somehow the result of that meeting he decides he is quitting. i wonder if we could get scheduled a meeting with pope francis and the president, just the two of them for a little while. >> look at those crowds. >> is he hilarious, i have to say. >> they are fired up is he is leaving. but there has been large
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criticism over speaker boehner over his tenure the going against obamacare with not having anything put forth by his party to counter obama care. not being able to reign in obama or the democrats. placate the far left side of husband party. it's going to be a slog for the speaker whoever that ends up being. >> there is actually a list of candidates. republican kevin mccarthy, hencer ling from texas. representative rostrum and tom price. >> it's a thankless job though. >> it's interesting because there were rumors and reports that he may be voted off the speakership. is this an effort for him to avert any type of barmt, like you said, he has been serving for five years
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doc fix they got for. you gave all this money and time and you think they are going to do x, y, and z you are frustrated by it the it's a really tough job. is the next side going to do it better, i don't know. >> you hear representative paul ryan yesterday saying this was a selfless act. maybe sort of like gerald ford falling on the sword for your party this idea the tea party wing of the party can now claim his scalp. the funding go through for planned parenthood and others and sit there for the next month and lame duck speaker while this all goes through. >> after you see a big move like this and all the presidential candidates sort of wait and then they give what would be their opinion. we heard from john kasich yesterday who said really
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this is a casualty of the g.o.p. establishment versus the tea party. listen. >> john has been a great patriot, a great speaker, and, you know, i think the party better get its act together and we better be if i can figuring out what we are for instead of tearing ourselves apart which seems to be increasingly happens. >> i always feel scolded every time i hear john kasich talk for some reason. >> you don't want to be torn apart before an election year. >> he is also speaking from a place bipartisanship, kasich. was in washington when they were able to get a bipartisanship budget through and now they can't get anything through. >> this poll we are go to put it shows you why it is so hard to govern the republican caucus in the house. primary voters. do you feel betrayed by politicians from your own party? 40% of democrats say yes. 62% of republicans. if you are wondering why the
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top three republicans in this presidential race have never held office, any of them, this poll may kind of explain it. >> here is some of the anger on another poll put it. have the g.o.p. majorities done all they be could do to block agenda. 30% yes and 66% no. who would you like to see replace john boehner? go it to it our facebook page and weigh? >> we will will have a great guests come up. a bunch of members of congress explaining what is actually going to happen. stay tuned for that. >> chris christie. governor chris christie and louie gohmert of texas. >> next step stop for the pope fran us is the city of brotherly love. two hours after a whirlwind trip through new york city. madison square garden held a historic mass for more than 20,000 people. >> garrett tenney has all
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the details. good morning to you. >> clayton, tucker and elizabeth, good morning, the city that never sleeps is really a fitting place for this pope who has been going nonstop since he arrived in the united states. pope francis wrapped up a busy day with that packed crowd of people celebrating mass at madison square garden. it was a different kind of scene usually known for historical basketball games and rock concerts as the pontiff praised the city's diversity. >> but big cities can conceal the faces of all those who don't appear to belong or are second class citizens. >> earlier in the day the 78-year-old pontiff addressed the united nations receiving several rounds of applause from world leaders while declaring that the environment itself has rights and that mankind has
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no authority to abuse them. pope francis then greeted an excited crowd of more than 80,000 as he paraded through central park in his pope mobile. lit up during visit to lady angels school in the the neighborhood of east harlem. he joked around with children and chatted with them and posed for a few selfies. welcoming him at the airport will be a retired philadelphia police officer richard bowz shot in the line of duty in 2008 along with his wife and three kids can. one of them who said it's like thanksgiving, christmas and easter all wrapped up into one. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> she said she turned over all her emails and now we are learning there is a whole slew of hillary clinton emails that failed
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to be disclosed. emails between former secretary of state and david petraeus. some were sent before she took office in 2009. review board will determine if the email chain contains classified information. rebels have surrendered american weapons over al qaeda affiliate in syria. six pickup trucks and ammunition handed over for exchange safe pass damage area held by the terror yowm. this just the latest blow to the program last week. officials admitted there would knob where close to the goal of the training of 5,000 fighters any time soon >> and lavish state dinner at the white house last night as the president posted chinese president. the event coming just after u.s. and china reached agreement on cyber spying promising not to steal the international theft and trade secrets.
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one trying to keep protesters outside according to anti-communism group. the white house put up screens to prevent china's president from seeing the crowds which were gathered out front. and from pope to pop star, pope francis is about to release a pop rock album titled wake up. the one who sleeps can sing, dance, wake up. go ahead. >> the album sets a number of pope francis' speeches to music. it goes on sale in november. proceeds will benefit refugees and of course those are your headlines. >> i guarantee that will be number one hit. >> will you you be getting that. >> absolutely. >> clayton are you confused. >> internet for many years with pictured like this. is it a wine glass or two women's faces about to kiss?
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these puzzling pictures. don't really know. but, and remember the dress? >> yeah, yeah. >> famous dress. what color is it? >> now we have got our new photo this morning that's tearing up the internet and puzzling everyone. take a look at your screen. the internet was abuzz of this photo of a little girl. is she underwater, is she upside down in water. is she jumping out of water people can't figure it out. >> i can't figure it out. >> her hair is not wet. >> can i figure it out and what i'm confused by is why the internet is confused. >> what do you see. >> i see a little girl kneeling in ankle. two women about to drink from a wine glass and a black and white dress. >> you see what you want to see two women ready to kiss. >> she is a water bender, it's magic people are writing on twister. is this it picture taken upside down in water? what do you think about this? it was posted on imager. it's been viewed more than a
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million times. >> that's what we are doing this week. >> that is unbelievable. america has some free time. >> that's lunchtime around office places. >> yeah. anyway, ponder that up next, dnc chair woman debbie wasserman coyotes smear tactic may be the filthest one ever tieing marco rubio to it adolf hitler. almost unbelievable. if you don't know details, stay tuned for that. >> woman suspended for wearing wrong shade of green. promise this will have you seeing red. ♪ i see your true colors ♪ shining through ♪ i'll see your true colors ♪ that's why i love you ♪ but don't be afraid ♪ to let it show ♪ your true colors ♪
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another attack this week from the office of dnc chairman debbie wasserman schultz she tried to it tie marco rubio to adolf hitler. she did this after he visited the house of crowe. he has a painting of adolf hitler. this is a huge problem having a fundraiser there quote the height of insensitivity and indifference. no excuse for a gross act of disrespect. in other words, marco rubio is a nazi or something. should debbie wasserman-schultz resign in the wake of this? lisa booth vice president of political polling and public affairs for wpa research. great to see you both. >> hi tucker. >> great to be here. >> if if you the idea if you you have an artifact in your house from nazi germany you are a nazi.
3:17 am
museums -- the holocaust museum has artifacts from the nazis. it's insane. how could an actual public official level an attack of this over the top and wrong. >> well, tucker, i don't think that she was actually implying that either marco rubio or even harlan crowe whose house this happened in are somehow closet he nazis or something like that. >> of course she was. >> i don't think so. what she said was it was insensitive. what she is trying -- the issue she is trying to raise here and there is some politics in play here. i will absolutely give you that what she is trying to say is that this guy does not understand is that this might not be perceived as weird or insensitive to the jewish community a huge community in florida. a huge community. >> come on. >> lisa, look. >> that's absurd on its face. >> why not attack what he believes. >> insensitive to jews to be hanging out with displayed artwork? >> debbie wasserman schultz has a long history of making
3:18 am
ridiculous and inflammatory remarks. if you remember last election cycle she says that scott walker gives the woman the back of their hand and he pulls their hair back. she says she's absolutely outland dish and ridiculous things. over the years she has lost credibility. there is reasons there is numerous reports over the years. even her own party doesn't take her serious. she has been largely at odds with the obama administration and other members of her party. quite frankly it's because she does make these ridiculous remarks and kinds of statements. it's hard to take her seriously when she does. >> john, do you think that it there is anybody who watched debbie wasserman's attack who said i bet marco rubio is an anti-semite and sympathizer. i don't. and a i agree that's a ridiculous charge and i don't believe that's what she was saying. >> >> here is the thing. if she didn't have a long
3:19 am
standing history of making these ridiculous kinds of statements, she also made a connection between naziism and the tea party, she has a long standing history of making these outland dish, inflammatory remarks. it's hard to take her serious -- it's hard to take her -- she is not credible. >> marco rubio has a long public record of statements about things he believes. why not attack those? well, why not. if he is going to do that and by the way this was in the news before the eventually happened. why wouldn't he release a statement that says this is yom kippur when this is happening. i'm going to this man's house and this is how i -- this is what i understand his intent to be. >> i'm not a nazi? >> no, not saying i'm not a nazi but saying i'm sensitive to the concerns of the jewish community and why they might think this is creepy weird. >> there are concerns just from debbie wasserman schultz. >> it's unfounded. there is no reason for there to be concerns. it would be be ridiculous. why would you respond to
3:20 am
stupid? >> unfortunately we are out of time. it's great to see you both. >> thank you, tucker. >> thank you. well nearly half a million cars recalled because engine recalled is your car among them? this picture of jesus has been hanging inside a courthouse for decades now. atheists want it gone. the man keeping the fight is there joins us live coming up next can. ♪ i will be faithful
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we have quick headlines for you. hyundai massive recall after finding pieces of metal inside car engines where they shouldn't be.
3:24 am
covers 500,000 sonatas were 2011 to 2012. would experience engine spharl if of the pieces get loose. so far no problems reported. more than half a million pounds of chicken has been recalled because it could contain metal just like those car engines the third largest poultry was shipped to grocery stores or packed directly for consumers. that's the good news. elizabeth? >> thank you, tucker faith under fire in kentucky. secular progressives now taking aim of this portrait of jesus. it's been hanging at the it courthouse for decades. the group is now demanding that it come town saying it it violates the establishment cause of the first amendment. >> one rallying in support of the portrait earlier this week. mike, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. good morning, it's a pleasure to be here. >> i wanted to give our viewers a little bit of a
3:25 am
background here. there is a portrait inside the county courthouse that is really the cause of contention here. >> that's correct, yeah, the picture in question has been hanging in the county courthouse since 1981. so, quite literally it's been there for decades. >> when did it become a problem? >> well, evidently over the last just fairly recently this group, i believe they are based in wisconsin has decided that it needs to come down. you know, ostensibly because this violates the establishment cause of the first amendment. i'm not sure why now after 34 years it's a problem. >> the group in wisconsin is telling folks in eastern kentucky what they can have in their courthouse. they said. this the.
3:26 am
foundation co-president said you might not get service here if you are not a christian. that's the message she thinks this sends to the community. what do you say onto that? >> i think that's just monday nestle just ridiculous statement. again, this has been there for decades, since 1981 there are numerous supreme court precedence that allow this to be displayed on public property. van warden being one of those. if the the totality of their arguesment is that the supreme court has made it the law of the land that these sorts of things must not be displayed must they also say they would have supported slavery under dred scott or slavery under
3:27 am
ferguson? i don't understand their logic when they say it's the law of the land therefore you must do it without any comment whatsoever. again, there are precedents from the supreme court saying that these things are allowed. this is a passive picture. nobody has to look at it. >> mike, we will get you out of here on this. what's the latest with this? what's going to happen? leftly it's going to stay, i believe. the county officials say it will stay there as far as i'm concerned i hope it stays there, and really i believe it's time for christians like me to stand up for what we believe believe in. if jesus died for us we can at least take a stand for him that's what we need to do in breathtit county. >> they are a tribute to our fallen police officers. one community is ordering blue ribbons and they are going to be torn down?
3:28 am
>> hate getting out of bed in the morning? [alarm clock] >> oh, 10 more minutes. sweet. >> maybe you are doing it all wrong. turns out there is a certain time to get out of bed in the morning. up next, the perfect time, to sleep, work out and even drink. 6:00 in the morning? so,as my personal financial psychic,
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td ameritrade. you got this. flipping outs about pancakes because it's national pancake day. how do you make the perfect pancake this morning. corporate chef and general council at the original pancake house. >> you are the head chef and the head lawyer? >> yes. >> that is so great. >> i love that. we don't really need a lawyer but we really do need chefs. >> tell us why. first of all, take us back some of the history of the pancake. where did the pancake come from? >> pancakes have been around from time and memorial. they are in the archeological record. it's clear that the way that most starches like potatoes
3:33 am
and cereals were eaten by prehistoric man was as pancakes, flattened and heated more than roasted or boiled or any other very few people make them well. >> as a result slight flacial digested pancake not cardboard or sludge and of course what makes it perfect is what you choose to put on top of it. >> i'm a big fan of the chocolate chip pancake what kind of alcoholics lat chips? >> you know semidisweet -- semisweet. >> i have put candy. do you put the chocolate chip in the batter or on top of the cakes? >> yes. both. >> there is no wrong way to make a pancake. however, the problem i have is, oh, here comes elizabeth.
3:34 am
get over here. >> is this coconut? >> so i notice that you put the cake on the grill. you let it cook. you flip it and then you flip it again. that's unorthodox. we use salad starter like old fashioned baker yeast to levin our cakes. by flipping it a second time you ensure that that gas is going to lift and cook out any batter that may be in the middle of the cake that hasn't been cooked out. >> you put them in circular pattern. the if you mean as to circular we have been doing it since june 30th, 1953. we think the best way to top pancakes is not in a stack where where you put on is on top of one to do it circular and do your butter and toppings everywhere. >> you are a great american and honor to have you on this morning. >> thank you for feeding elizabeth. she was really hungry. >> if i want to go to the pancake house. >> the nearest one is the one that provided the product this morning edge
3:35 am
water promenade. two more in new jersey and quite a bit farther to find one of our 130 around the country. >> i will be taking the subway. >> great to so you. stick around because i will be cooking pancakes all morning long. >> how do they taste? >> delicious. i'm not going to be sharing with any of you. new headlines, new questions this morning over the safety of duck tour boats after that deadly crash in washington state. four international students from north seattle studentsy killed when a duck boat lost control and slammed into a tour bus. 50 people were injured. boats are built more like tanks and shouldn't be used on city streets. neighbors in dallas showing support for our police officers. they are hanging dozens of blue ribbons on he trees and stop signs. one problem, they are now being ripped down because someone complained they are a code violation. the city prohibits notices from being posted on polls, supporters say they are hurt
3:36 am
and the ribbons were meant to show support after recent attacks on law enforcement officers. and a mom from southern new jersey is crying foul after her 8-year-old daughter is suspended from school for wearing the wrong shade of green. >> principal told me that i don't have to stay here and i could leave. >> i messed it up for my child and she will be suspended next time for it. >> to suspend the child over the shade of a color of a shirt i found it a little ridiculous. >> first i ever heard of this. strict dress code at the public elementary school state shirts can only be white, dark green or navy blue. because what a student wears can influence their behavior. a texas waitress picks up a sheriff deputy's bill and gets $100 tip as a reward. waiting on the deputy and family touched her heart show she paid for meals. another waitress handed yaun
3:37 am
$100 bill. she is going to use the cash to pay it forward. >> i love those pay it forward stories. >> rick reichmuth is standing by at weather center without pancakes what's going on out there? if you are looking for signs of fall you have got to look very, hard. very very subtle changes. i want to show you what the pope is going to be looking at today. starting off leaving new york city this morning, beautiful conditions no problems with that flight and heading towards philly. a little cloud cover but most of the rain is going to stay away to the south of it which is good news. morning temps not that bad. nobody really really cold out there except for higher he elevations in far modern parts of maine getting in on a little bit of it peschke system across parts of the mid-atlantic all week long and it has stayed just to the south of the pope all week long and it will continue to do that rain out across the west. take a look at that guys, pretty much sunny skies all
3:38 am
the way around. still summer. keep your pumpkin spice lattes away. >> you are a pumpkin spice latte kind of a guy? >> oh yeah. >> get out of town. good grief. did you know waking up to grabbing a drink with your friends, there is a scientific best time to be doing everything in your life and it all changes with your advanced age, tucker. >> it's complex but we can understand with the help of our next guest sleep and nutrition beings pert ingrid. there is a time this is eclass as stick call. there is a time and place for everything. what's the best -- this is of great concern to us. what's the best time to wake up? >> first, understand what rhythms are all about. physical logical mental changes happening within a 24 hour clock. as we geter, right in the melatonin in our body starts decreasing so we start waking up earlier and earlier. when we are in our 30's, that's when the shift changes. in our 20's we, you know, have all this energy, but by our 30's we start noticing
3:39 am
that we start working up earlier but need to go to bed earlier. >> in 30's 8:00 a.m. and what about in your 40s 7:30 in the morning. >> as you get closer to 50's about 7:00 in the morning is the ideal wakeup time. >> where does our 3:00 a.m. fit in that? what about starting work? >> start work from about two and a half to three hours before you wake up. because during that time is sleep inertia that means our grogginess takes two to four hours. when we are most alert is once we are past that little period of time. so many times, you know, the ideal time to start work around your 30's is around is 1:00 in the morning, believe it or not. >> if you don't live in sicily or spain, that's not a possibility. so i notice that society is radically out of step with with these sir indicated yum rhythms you are talking about. >> why? >> why? just because i think we are in environment where we just
3:40 am
need to like go and go to our max and so we don't really take those things in in consideration. >> i know clayton is really interested in when to work out. he works out all the time. so is there a certain time that you should be working out? >> about four hours before bedtime. that's when your body is optimal strength so that's when you. >> so in your 30's, 7:00 p.m. >> in 40s? >> account for -- everything else is shifting up around, you know, around 6:00 and in your 50's around 4:00 in the afternoon would be your optimal time. >> early bird special. >> one of bl t's favorite past times work out. she is the drinker. have a drink in your 30's what time. >> around 9:30? >> in the morning. >> at night. >> always 9 oompleghts 30 -- 9:30 at night. liver function starts decreasing what you want to do is at 40, drink around
3:41 am
7:00, and earlier you know around your 50 at 5:30. >> by the time you are in 70's you are having your first drink at 4:00. >> pretty much. because you are going to bed much earlier. >> much better healthier life. >> i didn't realize i was turning 700. >> starts at 4:00. thank you, ingrid. >> unbelievable. caught on camera, a car crashes through a fence into a home with cops in hot pursuit. the video you don't want to miss. >> and then the pope celebrated mass at madison square garden. this all-american chalice he was holding in his hand at the time. the man who made it has known the pope for over a decade. he joins us live with the back story coming up next. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them.
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welcome back, quick headlines for you. caught on camera edition. gunman grabbing ago gas station clerk by the collar. waiving a gun and ghnding money. no one was hurt. police are still searching for that gunman, thank goodness. and police chase in california ends with a car smashing into a home. police say that a car was stolen by a group of teens. those teens now charged with grand theft auto. and goes above and almost beyond for incredible catch in the last play against the orioles. the center fielder robbed two run homer which auto would have ended boston's bid for a shutout. red sox won 7-0. elizabeth, anybody in your family have anything to do with it? >> i'm not sure what you are talking about. switching to other news which we have been talking about a lot this week when
3:46 am
pope francis celebrated commune here in new york city he used the work of a master silver smith's hands. scrap donated by hundreds of americans. took a silver smith 450 hours to create and he joins us here today. adrian is the argentinian silver smith who created the chalice and has known pope francis for more than a decade. he joins us now. adrian, thank you so much for joining us. so our viewers know, tell me about all of the silver that went into making this chalice. >> well, the most special thing is this was sent by, you know, cities where you can imagine country wide so we happy because. of course, it was a great experience to me last night seeing all that mapping but i'm happy for them. because all those people can
3:47 am
say today what i sent, it was just a tiny piece of silver what i used to love but arrives to the pope's hands. >> hundreds of people donated jewelry that you created into this beautiful chalice. what was that like to see last night in front of millions of people watching? what did you feel? >> it's tremendous experience. but do you know what in the the most important was for a friend that i love how it works for me is our family priest is a pope but he is a family priest. i what i want to tell i you love this city. i come to this city 20 years. i keep working for all of you. and i keep collaborating in everything can i do for the city. >> tell me a little bit about more your relationship with pope francis. have you been friends for so long. he married you. >> he married me. he baptized my daughter.
3:48 am
he used to come over to my work shop to stop by to have coffee rg and to have our national drink. we used to call and chatter twice, three times a week like nothing he used to where are you? why didn't you call me? we are good friends. >> what is it like to see him and the reception that is he getting here in the u.s.? it's been captivating all americans. >> i think that happened besides he is a pope. he is an excellent and very nice human being. that's why so many people respect him. you probably heard on the news when he was in the white house he said please pray for me and if you are not a believer, but you are happy to be here with us, please just send me your --
3:49 am
or wish me good feelings. and i will do the same for you. so, he includes everyone you understand? that is his -- by the way. let me tell you, i won't go to his church. i'm not a church guy. he respect that because he understands my principles. he understands my lifestyle. >> which is why he has just reached across the line. >> people probably motivate. they think -- i want. >> well with, we love your work and love seeing the chalice last night. adrian thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> in other news, john boehner says it is the right time for him to step down as speaker of the house. >> it's become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do harm to the institution. >> where does the g.o.p. go from here? texas congressman louie gohmert who once challenged
3:50 am
boehner for speakership joins us at the top of the hour. high school football player says is only alive today because of his apple watch. he joins us live with the incredible story coming up next.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> 17-year-old high school football player says he is only alive today apple watch. paul discovered he had elevated heart rate of and went right away to get help from the doctors. doctors say it f. it was left unchecked he would die. i have been saying
3:54 am
technology can save our lives. is he proof of that. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> tell me what happened just a few days earlier you had saved up your money from your summer work. and bought an apple watch. what happened at practice? >> so, it's the first day of preseason. two a day football practices. and during the second practice after some conditioning. i noticed some back and chest pain. whenever i would take a deep breath. and when he went back to my dorm to take a nap and shower and stuff, about two hours after practice had ended my heart rate was at 145. >> wow. and so you knew this because the apple watch has a heart rate monitors built in on the back of it. did you tap the heart rate monitor to check because you knew something was wrong? >> yes, so i mean well, the real reason i checked it is that it was like one of the first people at the school to have apple watch people
3:55 am
were asking moo what can it do i showed them the heart rate monitor it and i noticed it was like 1145. i was like that's not right. i was passing it around amongst all my friends and everybody is in 60 to 80 and i slap it on and it's 145. >> you called the doctors. what did they say to you? so i went to this hospital and diagnosed me with this condition severe dehydration and muscles break down and release this protein into your bloodstream and it caused me to have heart failure, liver failure and kidney failure. >> i understand you got a phone call from someone at apple who was it. >> it was tim cook, the ceo? what did he say to you? >> so he called me and said everyone at appear pep is thinking of you. we want to make sure you are doing okay. making sure that i was all right. and then he offered me the new iphone. he said which one do you
3:56 am
want? i said the 6 plus. the 6 s plus obviously. he sent it to it a day early before it came out. i got it on thursday. and then we talked about college for next year. and i talked to him about what i was interested in, electrical engineering he offered me an internship with apple. >> now you have been playing with new 6 s plus. that's a new phone. paul, congratulations and thanks for sharing your story with with us. see, technology can save lives. >> thank you. envy of his friends. coming up on the show. the army is furious this morning after people magazine says those first female army rangers rangers were given special treatment. their scathing response just ahead. we first brought you this story yesterday. a school district tries to ban tag for safety reasons. this morning, a major reversal. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
we all feel the calling to build something great. ♪
3:58 am
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4:00 am
and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit >> good saturday morning i'm elizabeth prann in for anna kooiman. republicans searching for a new speaker as john boehner announces he is out. >> last night i started to think about this. and this morning i woke up and i said my prayers, as i always do, and i decided, you know, today is the day i'm going to do this. as simple as that. >> so where does the g.o.p. go from here? texas congressman louie gohmert who once challenged boehner for his speakership joins us live in moments. >> and looking live now in new york city where pope francis is getting ready to depart and begin his last leg to the united states. he is heading to philadelphia in just one hour. we're live on the ground there. that's straight ahead.
4:01 am
>> we first brought you this story yet a school district tries to ban tag for safety reasons saying it's emotionally destructive. this morning we are proving them wrong. "fox & friends" hour two -- are we going to play freeze tag? starts right now. >> welcome. >> we are so privileged to have elizabeth prann seated between us on the couch. it's true. you know why are from washington. bringing us the headlines. better on the couch. >> very funny by the way. >> i think you are making that up. as mechanic. you can put your fingers on her wit. we want to start with a fox news alert. you may be aware of this. there was a leadership shake upon capitol hill. john boehner announced he is retiring from congress in a month. watch. >> last newt i started to think about this. and this morning i woke up and i said my prayers as i
4:02 am
always do and i decided you know, today is the day i'm going to do. this as simple as that. >> so was this the right time for him to go and where does the republican party go from here? >> joining us now texas republican congressman louie gohmert. welcome to the show. >> thank you so much. so a big night and what is next for the republican party? where does the republican party go from here? is compromise ever going to come back to capitol hill? >> well, first of all, i awoke this morning, i said my prayers and i said thank you, lord. and so now we are going to move forward. and, yeah, there can be compromise that's the thing people have not god be. only one party willing to compromise. we saw that with obamacare. there was no compromise with the democrats. we are willing to compromise
4:03 am
and do things in a bipartisan way. right now, we are willing to fund more for women's healthcare than the democrats and the president wanted. we just don't want it going to planned parenthood, we want it to go actually so the facilities that do mammograms like planned parenthood. we're willing to compromise and fund everything. that's tough for me and others. we are willing to fund everything the democrats want just not planned parenthood. and we shouldn't be funding the iran treaty because it is a treaty. and it's just time to have a leader. one other thing that most people are not aware of. this speaker put in place a rule years ago when he became the top leader that you could not, no matter what leadership position you were in, you couldn't stay there more than six years. well, he has violated that by a few years. so now we're going to live, try to live by our own rules that will be a good thing. >> congressman, you are obviously happy by the speaker's announcement yesterday. a lot of speakers like you
4:04 am
are applauding it. are you certain though that the next speaker will be better for conservatives? are you certain, for example, that kevin mccarthy who seems like the most likely candidate would be a more conservative speaker than john boehner? >> i think that you will see a -- no matter hot speaker is, and i'm supporting dan webster of florida. first speaker of the house there who is republican. no matter who it is. i know there will be more conservative because they will let the majority rule. and that's the way it's supposed to work. we have had a dictatorship for years now. and we saw that with the funding of the homeland security which funded amnesty. you had 167 republicans vote against it. 75 vote for it. which tells you way over two 30's have not been listened to by this speaker. so, i wish him well. people ask why do you hate him? i don't hate him. i'm a christian. he's a christian. i love him as a brother. but it's time for somebody else who will let the
4:05 am
majority rule and we can do so in a compromised manner. >> we are seeing reaction aacross the border. by oust ago good man by speaker boehner, someone who understood the art of compromise. the party of eisenhower and reagan is no more. what is your reaction to that, congressman? >> it tells you a lot about what's been happening. harry reid and the president wants somebody that they can push around, get them to do whatever they wanted and not stop them because harry reid's idea of compromise is do what i say or you are not bipartisan. if you go back to the shut down? 2013, the house republicans were the only ones that come pro-mifsed and the last compromised we passed 1:10 a.m. in the morning. okay, harry, we are giving you moderate conferees. have this worked out by 8:00
4:06 am
a.m. he wouldn't. he wanted it shut down because knew not fox, but the mainstream would blame republicans and that's what happened. he has been the man of no compromise more than anybody else in washington. >> interesting. louie gohmert from the house of representatives joins us this morning. >> so good to see you guys. thank you very much. >> all right. next stop, philadelphia for the pope. pope francis takes off for the city of brotherly love in less than an hour. the city prepared for the pope's stop in america. >> yet this all comes after the pontiff's whirlwind tour in new york city where the pope will soon leave and now looking live outside the residence where he has been staying in upper manhattan. fox live new york. pontiff will soon take off for philadelphia. good morning, liz. >> good morning to all of you. yes, we are here at jfk right outside of hanger one. and you can can see shepard one, the miles charter plane
4:07 am
just mind me. picking up the pope around 8:30 this morning. this is going to be another big sighting for new yorkers before the pope heads off to philadelphia. we are already seeing people starting to gather here. it was historic day yesterday as we saw the pope go through central park for that beautiful procession. 80,000 people. then there was the memorable mass at msg where he blessed children and brought parents to tears. here at the send off. seven nuns and a the precious blood monastery in brooklyn are going to be delivering white roses to the pope and parishioners from brooklyn and queens will be here to say goodbye. 8:45 and the pope will head off to philadelphia. i will send it back to you. >> going to jfk. >> thank you so much. now to your head lines. the man suspected of terrorizing drivers in arizona since last month now under official indictment. leslie merritt jr. is charged with 15 felony counts for shooting at cars along several phoenix highways. that includes aggravated
4:08 am
assaulted, enendangerment carried out by drive by shooting. investigators used ballistic evidence to tie the shootings to two week period. he will be arraigned next week. a man goes the wrong way through a terminal exit triggering a lockdown at the seattle tacoma international airport. authorities closed all entrances for about 30 minutes last night. they say they have arrested the man who caused an alarm to go off but believe he just made an error during the closure planes were able to continue flying out n. and out of the airport as scheduled. lavish state dinner at the white house as president obama hosted chinese president. the event coming after the u.s. and china reached an agreement on cyber spying promising not to support the threat intellectual property or trade secrets. the secret president was trying to keep there with were protesters outside. the white house put up
4:09 am
screens to prevent the china's president from seeing the crowds which were gathered out front. kennely rogers making a big announcement. >> it's hammily sad or sadly happy i'm going to do a big worldwide tour. it's going to be my last. i'm going to say goodbye. >> you heard it 7'-year-old rogers retiring after one last tour in 2016, saying he wants to spend more time with his family. no worries. you can watch him one more time before he calls it quits. and those are your headlines. >> elizabeth plan -- prann live from new york city. >> it's a big apple. >> rick live from the plaza. >> also in the big apple, guys. >> also here. it is a big city. hey, so we have some problems down across parts of the mid-atlantic in towards the southeast. have you been looking for some sunshine, you are not going to get it take a look at the maps and i will show you what i'm talking about. pesky storm been here for around 4 to 5 days. a lot of rain. and some cases 6 to 7 inches
4:10 am
of rain flooding. tornado or two come in with this system is plaguing the area. it's not going anywhere. that's where it is now. take a look what happens over the weekend it sticks. there is is a lot of cloud cover a lot of drizzle with a lot of the areas. coastal spots seeing heavier rains and then in across the appear legislations and a lot of coastal erosion as well. none of that is making its way toward the northeast. that's where it's feeling a little more fall like. take a look at these temperatures, still tomorrow in the 80's toward fargo, chicago, you get the idea. the heat continues, still feeling like summer. eventually fall will come, clayton. i love it don't deny me my fall. thank you, rickenbacker. >> you bet. >> people magazine. pick it up at the grocery stores all the time. >> i'm not reading in touch. >> people magazine breaking this story. and it's sending shock waves through the army this morning. people magazine now saying as early as january of this year, that the big ranger
4:11 am
unit, of course, the army's most elite of the elite ranger unit, women have been allowed to now join the army's ranger unit. according to "people" magazine women were given three months of training before the men would arrive at camp at fort binning to start the booed camp process. three months head start. pressure was put on for trainers who make sure that at least one woman graduated. some pretty strong accusations. so, "people" magazine, here is an beings cerpt. it says way back in january, long before the first women attended the army's elite ranger school. one of the most grueling military courses in the world. officials at the highest level of the army had already decided failure was not an option. a woman will graduate ranger school, a general told shocked subordinates at least one will get through. >> so the army is denying this they're. statement from brigadier general chief of public
4:12 am
affairs. celebrity gospel may not require fact checking but serious journalism does. keating the reporter magazine from people. every man or woman who has ever earned the coveted ranger tabernacle. they don't actually deny the details. the details are true. the obama administration has decided civil rights movement. they are going to make certain that women are integrated into combat units. in the the process, the standards have been changed and lowered. they said it in public. if you are serious about defending the country why why would you care? should be a pure mayor to come crazy, no? >> we had a debate on "fox & friends." the first two women to graduate from this ranger school program now are having their elite status questioned amid all of these claims. haver and kristen became the
4:13 am
first two' were tore graduate from the school. it took them four months to pass all of the tests. apparently sending shock waives through the ranks there at fort binning why are they getting special treatment? >> because they are under so much pressure from the civilian leadership and the white house saying you will do this dechedding america. it's actually really reckless and crazy what they are doing. >> all right. >> let us know your thoughts. it's a hot topic. other hot topics coming up. republican presidential candidates making their pitch to conservative voters in d.c. yesterday. so, whose message resonated the most? fox news radio host todd starnes had a front seat to all the action and he is up next. >> then listen up, guys, it's the hot celebrity hair trend right now. can man buns make you go bald? >> i'm greying my hair out for hand bun. >> you would. >> it's a warning you have got it hear next.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> most american workers in this country have been punched in the gut by the economic policies that have happened whether it's democrat or republican because it's all about making sure that those in the washington to wreath axis of power get their cut whether you get one or not. i say it's time to quit taking a punch in the gut and give this government a kick in the butt. that's what we need to do in america now. >> presidential candidate governor mike huckabee refusing up the crowd at the
4:18 am
values voter summit in washington. how did the other republican candidates do? there were a lot them. >> todd thank you so much for joining us. how are things down in d.c.? >> great to hang out with you guys this morning. governor huckabee there with a salty language in frochted the in front of the evangelicals. he got the best reaction including ted cruz who did a great job. the crowd connected with governor huckabee and his message. i thought that he won the day yesterday. >> what's so interesting, todd, you think as governor huckabee. he was economic populism and you say the crowd responded to that. >> they certainly did. >> got a huge standing ovation, contrast that with donald trump, who his performance reminded me of the steve martin movie leap of faith. you guys might remember that he came out there waiving his bible and basically
4:19 am
pandering to this crowd. i think the folks saw through it they gave him boos after he went after marco rubio and called him a clown. >> a lot to talk about what was going on behind him at the hill. speaker boehner what was his reaction like. >> glory of the lord shone about them. this was like a revival meeting. people were hooting and hollering and cheering. this crowd not big fans of john boehner. when the word came down that there was quite a bit of jubilation and excitement here at the omni motel. >> conservatives don't like boehner and that's been the case for a long time. who do they want to replace him? >> that's a great question. a lot of people have been talking about, a lot of buzz in the hallways. trey gowdy's name has been mentioned quite a bit. of course, he is the favorite son of south carolina and a big favorite among conservatives here. that seems to be the name i'm hearing. i'm sure there are others
4:20 am
being bandied about. still early right now. >> what was the take away. who came out with catching the most headlines? >> look, i thought of course i mentioned governor huckabee. ted cruz did very, very well yesterday as did marco rubio. and he -- his message resonating with the folks here. look, i think it's still too early to say who is going to get the evangelical vote because, when you look at the polls, governor huckabee still has a little bit more work to do to gain ground. so it's still anybody's game here. the challenge is there are a lot of very he valid and viable candidates competing for that evangelical vote. >> the great todd starnes joining us from d.c. great to he sue, todd. >> thanks, guys. >> one mayor has a plan to publicly shame people on welfare. wants to post the names of everyone getting food stamps online. do you agree with that? fair and balanced debate coming up. >> we brought you this story yesterday. a school district tries to ban tags for safety reasons saying it's emotionally
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> good saturday morning, quick consumer headlines, after standing in library for days many got their hands on the iphone 6 s. pink is the new black. the rose gold version of the phone has been also called the bros gold because of popularity new buyers. burger king is rolling out halloweened bhopper. steak infused burger will have a thick black bun. the dow jones gaining is 113
4:25 am
points on friday. it is the fifth time in five occasion stocks ended up on the day the pope addressed the u.n. now over to clayton and tucker. >> all right. thank you elizabeth. well, tag is back. in at the school district in washington state. the district had banned kids from playing the popular playground games over safety. emotionally damaging. pressure from parents. the district overturned policy. was that the right move? we are joined by psychologist dr. cooper lawrence. >> good morning, doctor. >> thanks for having me. a lot of us have real earns that emotional damage is being committed here are you concerned? >> do they look emotionally damaged to you? they look great. i'm so glad they it are running around. >> what was the argument this was auto emotionally damaging. i don't get it? >> i don't get it either. counter intuitive. tag does. any activity that a child does that has nothing to do with parents telling them what to do or coaches gives
4:26 am
the frontal lobe be a chance to develop better. that's the part of your brain in charge of emotions. unstructured play. really their brains are taking a lot of information. and the way they are interacting with each other is actually having a positive effect on brain development. >> i grew up around liberals so i do get it. and here is what it is about. this is competition and competition is masculine or perceived that way and any expression of mass could you lindt -- masculinity is dangerous and it must be banned. >> what did your parents do to. >> tucker doesn't read into a lot. >> i do. i have had it my whole life. they are mean. >> if somebody does something that makes you unhappy. have you got to strategize. i didn't like it start
4:27 am
thinking. the froments lobe does the decision-making, it does consequences. it does all the stuff you are going to need later on in life. >> it's back. in so now it's been reinstated. tag is back at the school. now if we could get recess introduced more back into schools again. >> really because the activity level of kids are lower now. that's another issue of childhood obesity another segment for another saturday i guess. >> sit and obey. cooper thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> elizabeth back inside to you. >>like says she turned over all her emails, right? new this morning, a emails have just been discovered. chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us with all the details coming up. next, rolling out the red carpet not for movie stars but doggies. taking to the catwalk and strutting their stuff. why you don't want to miss it.
4:28 am
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and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk of serious infection. serious side effects can occur including fatal infections. cases of lymphoma and lung cancer have been reported. tell your doctor if you're prone to or have any infection like an open sore, the flu, or a history of copd, a chronic lung disease. orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. ♪ better walk the line submit to. >> well, shot of the morning. percolate this morning. it good be bad news for guys with man buns. if you are out there watching this morning. send us a photo of your man bun. [ laughter ]
4:32 am
>> doctors say. top notch trend could cause balding. they say tightly tieing the hair back for long periods of time can put pressure on hair follicles by the forehead and temples so instead some men are moving away from the potentially damaging do and toward the new man braid. >> it's the least of the consequences. also calls causes self-humiliation and self-loathing. >> didn't tom bread do man bun? >> he was doing it in eye reason nic way to mock. >> that's my specialty. thank you, elizabeth. she said she turned over all her emails. that's not true at all. turns out a whole new batch of emails hillary clinton filed disclose to authorities. how many of those might land her in hot water, fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has the very latest on this. >> good morning, guys. it really was a friday afternoon bombshell for hillary clinton. despite the state
4:33 am
department, repeatedly telling us it turned over all of her benghazi related emails to republican trey gowdy, fox has now confirmed the department has found new clinton emails. over 900 of them related to libya. some not all, about the benghazi terror attacks. the state department is now in the process of turning these emails over to the house select committee on benghazi, just weeks, of course, before clinton committee staffers have not seen the comment. this buried amid or major stories like pope francis visit. resignation of john boehner raised eyebrows at the benghazi panel. emails are being produced after shuffled staff handling production. telling me, quote, if this is indeed a sign of stonewalling and political protection effort previously being run by the department is diminishing, the committee welcomes it the proof will be in the production. meanwhile the associated press is also reporting
4:34 am
obama administration officials have now discovered a chain of emails that clinton failed to turn over involving personnel matters she discussed early in the obama administration. back in august, she signed a document certifying to a federal judge under penalty of perjury she had given the state department all work related emaul. all of this is really putting more political pressure on her. of course, there is legal pressure as well. remember, this is happening in the context of that criminal investigation by the fbi. the clinton camp though insists they have been cooperating both with the house investigation on benghazi as well as with that fbi probe. guys, back to you. >> all right. great report with ed henry there now to your head lines, rebels had surrendered weapons over to al qaeda affiliate in syria. six pickup trucks and ammunition handed over for safe passage area held by the terror group. this just the latest blow to
4:35 am
the program. last week officials admitted there would be no -- there would be no closer to the goal of training a thousand fighters any time soon. mayor robert mcdonald in maine proposing a controversial policy to publish the name of every single person on welfare. his reasoning the public has a trite to know how the money is being spent. limit the government assistance to 60 months in total. critics say he is wasting state lawmakers time and bills shouldn't be based on shaming people. >> jake brewer the white house tech advisor and husband of our friend fox news contributor mary katharine ham was killed in a bike accident last week in a charity bicycle ride in maryland. this morning we are hearing mary katharine's words about her late husband. she shared them during a private gathering earlier this week. >> he was not special because he was in the white house. he was in the white house because he was special. i hope you will join n.i.e.
4:36 am
me in praying that he has an awesome seat somewhere watching us and that he will be very proud of us every day. >> it is just a remarkable tribute and worth going online to hear the whole thing. a go fund me account has been set up to help support brewer's family and help support college funds find them at under the blog tag. we hope you. >> get outside to rick reichmuth now. a rot of people really feeling like early fall. this is what you expect to see. that will change. take a look at the it maps. show you what i'm talking about. a couple chilly spots out there. caribou maine, chilly. 33 degrees. denver not that bad. look at the central part of the country, minneapolis, 59, 68 in memphis. those are a little more like spring temperatures. and today a little bit like fall, clayton would be really happy.
4:37 am
cool day. quite a bit of sunshine, down from d.c. south there is going to be plenty of cloud cover and continue to see lots of pesky rain. it's been there for a number of days and going to continue throughout much of the weekend. much of the south look at that. 93 in austin. hot and still humid. in towards the northern plains, warm, 82 degrees in fargo. 76. beautiful day in chicago. out across the west. take a look at this, 9 degrees in billings, montana. there you go, clayton, 94 degrees. still the heat is on. tucker and elizabeth, send it back inside to you. >> all right. thank you so much. this morning we are rolling out the red carpet for adoptable adorable dogs. >> as we do every year. the best friends animal society helps shelter pets across the country. dogs stuck in animal. the strut your mutt event has raised millions of dollars. strutting stuff in our studio. we are grateful to have them. >> here to help us the co-founders of best friends animal society. >> thank you, elizabeth. >> annual event. tell me about it.
4:38 am
>> strut your mutt takes place in 12 cities across the country. stallingerred several weeks since 2000 2010. raised a thousand dollars for local charities. go to animal rescue. mom and pops difficult for them to raise money. a way to tag team for us we do all the production and work and they have these teams that sign up their members and supporters friends raise money for their work. >> rosy is helping us this morning. she is going to be at the new york event here taking place. west side highway. starting at 9:00 a.m. >> okay. >> we are about to meet some of the dogs. our viewers love dogs. lock track record of adopting dogs on our show. can our viewers adopt these dogs? >> yes. all of these dogs are going to be for adoption. all from new york nyacc. >> let's meet some of these pups. >> first up. >> this is rosy. and here comes cayman.
4:39 am
>> how old is cayman? >> cayman is. >> 4 years old. >> that's a good dog. i can tell it. >> beautiful. >> she is a shih tzu. >> and here comes kobe. >> kobe's little -- >> kobe and i talked. cobey just had dental surgery. good mood despite that here comes kobe. >> toby. toby is a year old. a puggle. >> he has been in the shelter for how long? >> how long was he in the shelter? >> four weeks. >> he is definitely up for adoption. >> here is roosevelt. >> roosevelt is not quite as eager to hit the red carpet. >> roosevelt is a little older. 10 years old. >> teddy not franklin. >> had a little eye problem but is doing very well. and is ready for adoption. >> how hard is document one of these dogs.
4:40 am
>> best for a click on our new york program. or you can come down to the strut your mutt today at pier 26. >> people want more information about strut your mutt they can also go on the website. >> "fox & clayton morris, take t away. >> adorable. huge crowds are gathering to see pope francis in the united states. huge challenge to keep him safe. how are the agents protecting the pontiff. an inside view from a former secret service agent. plus, drunk up, ladies. how a beer or two could help your heart and make your men look better next to you. ♪
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i never thought i would be a non-smoker and i'm so proud. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. here in the u.s. surrounded by tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of adoring fans. security has been not surprisingly unprecedented. what does it take to keep the pope safe when he travels? current president jonathan joins us now to tell us. nice to see you, jonathan. >> thanks for coming on. >> how hard is it to protect the pope? >> is is he a different kind of protectee. he is not a politician so he doesn't follow that traditional role or model of secret service protectee. he is the letter of the church. so he has a different mission than a politician. so miss mission is to be that nexus between the public and the church. he wants to go out and embrace the crowds. that inherently causes a ssive security challenge for the secret service.
4:45 am
>> he wants to touch people and he does. so lets go through the protective methodology this morning. first up, the requires agents and a lot of them? >> correct. you are looking right now over washington, philadelphia, and new york city the largest security operation for a single u.s. history. not just the agents involved. agents, uniform police officers. there is multinational, multijurisdictional coordination between law enforcement. also you have to think about the contingency operations. what do we do if god forbid there is a disaster who comes in. that's why this event this visit by the pope has been designated a national security event that allows for the federal government to take the primary role in coordinating all of these different. >> a lot of time you can tell the security are either in uniform ear pieces talking into their sleeves, et cetera. you say there is a lot you don't see.
4:46 am
>> protective methodology, protection around protectee: the protection group around the protectee with the ear pieces, the sunglasses walking next to the limo. what don't see is police and agents that are securing perimeters that ren suring that swept and unswept crowds are kept separated. sights are secure. the third ring to wit you were probably talking about is a mixture of under cover officers and agents that are looking at preattack behavior. then you start looking at, you know, mitigation of long range theft. the counter sniper units that are out there. >> holy smokes. >> units that are there for contingency. >> what does it take to prepare for. this months and months of coordination by the secret service is. this event started months ago in the plans stages.
4:47 am
director chancey went to the vatican to meet with vatican officials about, you know, this very special protectee. so it has taken a long time to get where we are today. and all of this coordination, i mean, we have gone through washington. we are finishing up here in new york today. they have been very successful to date. that's really their proactive advance. >> who pays for. this good question. a budget under the department of homeland security that does pay for a majority of the funding. local municipalities that have unvarietied the pope too bear some of the cost. >> it's an amazing operation. we are really -- our prayers are with these guys thanks so much for pulling back the curtain on this. >> my pleasure. >> coming up next, president obama hosts a lavish dinner for china president at the white house. blocked the view of the
4:48 am
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4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:55 am
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good saturday morning, september 26th. elizabeth prann in for anna kooiman, this is a fox news alert. just moments ago the pope leaving person rather residence here in new york city for philadelphia. this combings after a mass for over 20,000 penal last night at mazda son square garden. we're live following the pope's travels straight ahead. >> what does it take to shock a city like washington? >> i woke up and i said my
4:59 am
prayers, as i always do, and i decided, you know, today is the day i'm going to do this. as simple as that. >> >> a political earthquake in the nation's capital, the speaker of the house steps down. the question is who takes his place. we will have the late gl s his army mom couldn't get a sitter and she had to go to class. what happened next is taking internet by storm. the professor's act of kindness going viral. they are all going to join us live this hour. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. we start this hour with a fox news alert. breaking this moment, pope francis begins the final leg of his historic visit to the u.s. just moments ago, he left his residence in new york city's upper east side, and now. >> and now he is heading to wall street for the wall street heliport and board a
5:00 am
plane to philadelphia. >> he has two more jam-packed days in front of him. father jonathan morris is here with us. we will start with brian llenas who is live in philadelphia. >> good morning. on what is said to be a beautiful and momentous saturday in philadelphia the final stop to prop francis' visit to the united states. behind me independence hall. the birthplace of american democracy where our founding fathers ratified and signed the declaration of independence and constitution and where pope francis is set to speak at 4:00 p.m. today in a much anticipated speech on really immigration and religious freedom. but last night, the pontiff was the main event for one night only at madison square garden in new york city where cardinal timothy dollan thanked the pontiff for visiting his american family to the sounds of a standing ovation. >> every single day we pray
5:01 am
for and in union with francis r. pope and now here you are. [ applause ] >> more than 18,000 people coming. pope speaking about children and how easy it is for poor, the immigrants the under privileged to get loss and become anonymous in the hustle and the hustle and bustle of the new york city. he assured everyone god lives in the city, too. a reminder of the hidden riches present in our world in the diversity of its cultures, traditions and historic experiences. >> now, clayton, tucker, elizabeth, the pope is scheduled to arrive here at 9:30 this morning where he will be greeted by the governor wells with the arve bishop of philadelphia. he will then head over to the cathedral basilica of
5:02 am
saint peter and paul largest catholic church here in pennsylvania from there make his way to independence hall. world meeting of families where he will talk about immigration and religious freedom and then tonight the big event, the festival of families where there will be the big concert with aretha franklin, packed day in philly. >> i hope he gets a true philadelphia cheese stake. >> you he will. i saw that on his schedule. >> none of the phony ones. >> we have with us this morning which we often do father jonathan morris on the couch. >> good morning. why philadelphia? >> there is a world meeting of families which happens every few years in different parts of the world and pope francis wanted to come and underline his support is of the family. also his concern that the family is breaking apart. not only in the united states but around the world. and that the family, the basic unit of scioto falls apart then society falls
5:03 am
apart. >> which is true. >> we are saying is one of the biggest part of his trip. hard to believe that's the height because he has done so much in already in washington and new york. really this is the peek of his trip. >> for his i would say yes, for maybe people who are more interested in politics, than the family, this is understandable for some. well maybe the highlights were him talking to congress and talking to the united nations, but if we love washing what does best, i think, and that is being with people and showing what it means to get your hands dirty as a pass pastor, what it means to smell likes a the sheep as he says, to get down there and help people who can't help themselves to be the hands and feet of jesus. you are going to want to watch philadelphia because it's going to be a whole lot of that. >> yesterday at the united nations he slammed materialism and the thirst and the process of going after prosperity and was talking about the excluded what struck you most yesterday about his address?
5:04 am
>> we should also say to congress talked about the value of capital unfortunate. he talked about the value of creating wealth for the right reasons. he said and focus on job creation. that would be a very good thing, i think, in the united states of america like around the world. in other words, jobs help a person -- having a job, working hard, labor helps a person become fully who they are called to be as a human being, as a child of god. he has done both things, but he said as you do that, don't forget those who were most called to serve. that is the people who can't take care of themselves. i think we get confused sometimes and say the hope is all about the poor. therefore, he must be a real liberal because he is he telling the government to do it. he is not telling just the government to do it. he is saying all of us be the hands and foot of jesus. >> so here you have a spiritual leader being covered by the most secular institution in america which is, of course, the media do you think and they have covered this mostly in political terms.
5:05 am
do you think the coverage has accurately portrayed the pope's message? >> i think it hasn't been too bad, honestly when you go back and forth and seeing different channels taking pope all the time. 24/7, it's pretty amazing. one real key to understanding what he has done is someone asked him early why aren't you talking more about abortion and gay marriage why aren't you doing it? he says it's funny. first of all i have done that in the past as soon as do you that that's all the media ever talks about. that's all have you ever said. and, therefore they don't hear the rest of the message. he has down played some of those things. he talked about the defense of human life at every stage of development to congress. he also talked about the unborn in front of the united nations yesterday. but he is not making that the key. a lot of us might want him to say don't forget abortion is evil. abortion is evil. have you seen the planned parenthood videos? he we would like him to say that. is saying that if i do that,s that the only thing that will be reported.
5:06 am
and, therefore, other people who are on the fringes, people who are 00 periphery, people not waiting for me to say that will not be able to hear the fullness of my message. >> sittism of the press lump them into liberal and conservative and message going on around the side. a live look at the wall heliport where the helicopter over to jfk and jfk down to philadelphia. what do you expect the crowd to be like down there today in philadelphia? they were crazy up here in new york city. >> they were crazy in new york city. had you to get a ticket to see him. disappointing. i remember when john paul ii came to income in 1995, it was very different than it was in this visit because you couldn't get close without having a ticket. a lot of people don't have the way. philadelphia has a huge
5:07 am
amount of security. a lot of complaints that perhaps the city in philadelphia has turned it into a little bit of an armageddon reality of trying to so much security noble can move. people are paralyzed. new york city and d.c. have been efficient, safe and humane about the way in which this have moved people around. i hope philadelphia does it too. >> we heard reports pregnant women calling the mayor's office because they were worried they wouldn't make it to the hospital because they had closed so many streets down in philadelphia perhaps not as prepared or used to mass amounts of crowds. >> maybe not. we will see. i know they have changed some of the security to make it it because people were complaining this is closing down all the highways, the bridges. i think they have altered that and archdiocese of philadelphia have told the police actually pope francis wants to be with the people. he is not mostly concerned about being safe. >> if there is anybody who doesn't fear death, it's the pope.
5:08 am
>> he has an open pope mobile. that is a decision that he made. the new york city police would much have preferred him to be enclosed pope mobile just to keep him safe. life is dangerous. and what a missionaries has done for hundreds of years put their lives at risk, making sacrifices of one's own personal comfort and even safety nor to get the message out i wanted to ask about you that mass. it looked like peaceful. you see the arena in other circumstances. what was it like to be there. >> people were so happy. that's what i love to see about this whole visit. we can pars all the politics, why he said, this why he didn't say that and that's an important thing as well, but the people, when i walk down the streets even today people saying oh what a great weekend it was in new york. they are not saying why didn't he say this or that and to u.n. or to the
5:09 am
congress. they are saying this man is too muching us to do what we'll all know we need to do or one of my favorite moments was down at 9/11 in which people of all different faiths were praying together or that children. this must have been from 20 different ethnicity and religions holding hands and singing together. that type of basic down to earth do what you you know you should do. follow the golden rule. no it's not the fullness of theelg and fullness of the gospel completely outlined for you exact what you should do. touching the cords of the human heart saying be open to truth. follow it reject extremism. and there is great light at the at the end of the tunnel. keep going. >> good to see people smiling down there. they are used to watching the knicks lose, did he bless the team? >> look live right now. this is wreath. this is the hell heliport down there. this is where will get on
5:10 am
the helicopter to get to jamie colby. will go to the cleveland have basilica of saint peter and paul. what will he say there? >> will tell people very similar message as does now. tell people to take care of their neighbor and to take care of the neighbor who is most in need. i don't know exactly what he is going to do because he does go off script when he he went to visit the school in philadelphia. excuse me, up in harlem. he put down his papers. he actually started talking about the devil. he was talking about dreaming and having great things in your life and said but beware. this is off paper, there is somebody and he asked the kids who is that somebody who's to distract you, who wants to tempt you? somebody who wants to stop your dreams from being fulfilled. who is that? who is that? it's the devil. doesn't sound like the real liberal crazy guy. >> and, yet, all of a sudden you are seeing on television commentators who think by any measure have been hostile to the on tifers of
5:11 am
the catholic church enraptured by the pope. he does seem to have won over bernie sanders is talking up the pope. >> well, obviously, i hope all politicians are now converted to the golden rule and each other and a lot -- but, of course people jump on and say i like this, i like that. the pope is on my side. the pope is on my side. but in the end, everybody has to make a decision, what am i going to do? and somebody was asking me did you get to meet the pope while he was here? i said no, i didn't. i got kind of close, i didn't even feel like trying to get to meet the pope. you feel like the pope is saying to you go back and get to work. go back and do what i'm telling you to do in your parish and your communities and families. it's not about getting close and getting something from me but go back and get to work. >> it looks like he is arriving at that hell port. headed off to philly. we have seen that now famous
5:12 am
fiat across the country. pope mobile right there. windows down. >> and as he heads down to philly, father, i want to ask you a little bit about his efforts. you talked about him reading to the children. going off script. constantly trying to reach out to the community and he is obviously trying to expand the interests within the catholic church. and how is he going about doing that? do you think that we have been successful in making if more appealing to the masses. >> i don't think he has this strategy how many more people can we get in the pews. he lived a very simple life in a very simple apartment. that's what he did when he started of as pope in rome as the bishop of rome. i think those opportunities, when he is with the people and with the kids, he just is doing what he did before. and he is saying i'm going to reach out to people, individuals, especially he used the word periphery a lot.
5:13 am
on the french, he doesn't mean the suburbs or outskirts of the industry or don't have access to all the comforts of a city. he is says people on the springs specially, people who are districted. people who are not -- who meal like they have somehow been astro sized from either the church or from sewed society, is he saying go out and be with those people. it's very, very simple message. >> does he talk through when he addresses the congress, for example, who advises him on the content of that speech? >> fascinating question. it used to be that the secretary of state, which is the department vatican, most powerful department in the vatican could not only take care of international relations like the secretary of state and the united states would be involved in everything that the pope did including all of his speeches and review all of his speeches making sure this has this splillor social consequence. secretary of state is still involved, but from what i
5:14 am
can gather. it has been reduced significantly to a group of people he trusts significantly. not so much worry about the consequences of being misunderstood that's a lot of what they were world about, if i say this they are go to misunderstand me for that how do i reach out to people people who are not listening, if you watch what's happened in new york city and washington, d.c. a lot of people not listening to any pope's message are listening to it now. and that's because he has gone through a lot of the filters of the past and saying i don't care if i'm moved by some because i'm trying to be heard by many. >> and you can't really avoid it, the press coverage every newspaper. >> all along. >> traffic, people paying 9 a dollars -- paying $95, company like uber. called blade for helicopter rides. people are spending 995 bucks to get a ride across town. here is the pope's
5:15 am
helicopter down at the airport and the pope's motorcade just arrived there that small fiat, of course, arrival with the pope and he is about to take off for jfk. >> it's interesting. this is just to be clear, the pope doesn't own this helicopter. >> it looks like marine one. >> it's a military helicopter. i think it's a mix like it's air, land, helicopter type he doesn't have his own plane. we call it shep herd one. >> it's an italian government helicopter in this picture that you are showing, clayton. to me. but, wherever he is going, the country works out and charters the plane. it's not just him on it for example when he came over to the united states or cuba the 200 or so journalists on
5:16 am
the plane, they had to pay or their organizations had had to pay a pretty high price about 5,000 or $6,000 in order to fly over with hum. that pays for the charter, so it's not a personal vatican chopper or plane. >> we have talked about the wall to call coverage. relentless schedule. that's all we have been covering the last week. absolutely grueling schedule i is going to be 79 years old in a couple months. this is unbelievable task. how is he keeping up with this schedule? >> i don't know how he is doing it we get tired watching him. just watching him. >> that's my point. not tired of watching him but tired of watching his schedule is so grueling. when asked by the press how long do you think you are going to be around because has made some references to a short pontificate. my guess is it's going to be
5:17 am
short. in part because he is 79 years old. i think he has also decided. i don't know if author a fact. he has decided if he were ever to begin to lose his faculties for the sake of the greater good for the sake of the church, for the sake of the world, my guess is that he would step down as pope benedict did although that had not been done for hundreds of years before. because now the papacy is very different than it was 500 years ago, 600 years ago. it's now a reference point of a moral voice. if someone does not have their faculties it's very easy for other people to get involved and manipulative the apple watch peace. he doesn't want that to happen. >> what did you think of his speech in cuba? >> i know a lot of people would have liked him to have spoken more about the dissidence. >> and met with them. >> and met with them. there is different reports that the vatican embassy did call dissidence and try to have them meet at the
5:18 am
cathedral, in other words, doing kind of a around the castros and doing it informally, incidentally and both dissidence seemed to have been stopped. it's tremendous diplomatic you know tight rope to cross because what he cared about is being county cuban people. we saw him meet 45 bhins minutes with fidel and raoul. he met with the communists, fidel castro. let's be clear, too. president obama route now is meeting with the communist government of china. >> of course. >> and throwing a lavish dinner for him and he we don't seem to be complaining purchase about that my guess is president obama is not giving the president of china ear full as fidel and raoul got from the pope. the reason why we take care of the president of china is because there is great academic benefits for us and security benefits for us.
5:19 am
pope francis' choice to go to cuba was to be with the people of cuba try to open it up you have not been forgotten i are in a dictatorship. we are looking live with the pope right now. looking live if you are just waking up. the pope has just arrived at the wall street hell short on his way to philadelphia. independence mall he will arrive short time later. america's fifth largest city and they're treating it down there like a major weather event. the city is laid out on a grid. they have shut down major roads. they are sending out alerts via cell phones to folks letting them know which roadways are open. stockpiling supplies because people can't get out. many of the businesses in philadelphia have shut down for the whole weekend while all of the roads are closed down there. set up portable water
5:20 am
stations. speaking on the very same lecturn that abraham lincoln used for the gettysburg address. >> he is very unpredictable of course we were producing the unpredictable. what surprised you the most about his visit so far? >> i loved and i was surprised by it but i loved when he start much off his speech in congress the land of the free and home of the brave. people in congress and i'm sure at home went crazy. because it said that he was trying to understand at least this country. and that he appreciated the values of liberty. and the values of equality. and the values of taking care of those most in need. and of contemplation. remember, he used those four figures of american history. abraham lincoln, martin
5:21 am
luther king, and then two american catholics, thomas memberton dorothy day. he said be true to who you are. don't forget how are. i found it to be surprising because he decided really to tap into american history go back to foundational principle. >> how is he changing the church. i keep reading both sides of this. this is a pivot point, obviously in the leadership of the church or at least some are saying that. do you see him as changing the way people understand the catholic church? the people understand the catholic church, yes. a lot of people. a lot of people. is he not changing doctrine. >> he is not changing the bible. he even says i can't do that. i'm a son of the church as he describes himself. he says on the plane he said some people think i'm a lefty. he said if you want, i will be happy to recite the creed for you in front of you, in other words, showing you that i believe in the traditional teachings of the church of the bible that that's who i am.
5:22 am
i'm called to serve that church. but what he he is doing, tucker, changing the understanding of a lot of people in the church. i know in my own personal experience in the parish, in the bronx, a lot of people who disrupted the church or felt like they could not approach not only the catholic church but to approach god, that maybe there is still hope. maybe there is still -- he has given like a window of hope, he says, try it again. >> let's talk about that because philadelphia has been battered by scandal. let's not forget what the clergy have gone through, and philadelphia in philadelphia -- and clergy in philadelphia have been battered by scandal. here the helicopter is taking off for jfk. this is an opportunity for them to reset down there and maybe shed a new light on what that city has gone through. >> philadelphia has a tremendous catholic history. they have a tremendous
5:23 am
history of producing cardinals of the church, there is a great educational catholic educational system there. a huge seminary. it is -- it has been like a major, major, foundation of catholicism in the northeast in the united states. but, i think within that, there was also a lot of corruption that happened. and pope francis has over and over again said to the bishops, said to the priest, basically who do you think you are? remember, you are called to serve people and not to be served. and philadelphia has had a very dark history recently of that coming to the light. that coming to the light in which institution was protected over the individual. in the case of the sex abuse scandal. that's exactly what happened ♪ only the evil of sexual abuse but the institution protecting itself over the good of the individual human
5:24 am
being especially in this case of children. he is going to continue on that in that line. congratulated the cast lick bishops in washington for what they have done with sex abuse. don't ever go back to the policies that you have put in place. as hard as they are to follow, because there is a tremendous burden for example if i get a talk 50 miles of now. letter of good standing. just to talk. a letter in good standing to my bishop. send it to another bishop to say this priest is a priest in good standing, a background check a lot of things that you don't have to do in any other institution. is he saying to the bishops you have done well, sending a message to other countries saying what the other have done. >> the pope is taking off. >> he is ascending. he will be headed to jfk airport and then he will be heading south towards philadelphia where we
5:25 am
anticipate another two jampacked days of activities where he will at first be dliferg a mass cathedral basilica of peter and paul. taking a motorcade to a seminary for a visit. we know he will be visiting a local prison there. did luges like he has incredibly packed schedule over the weekend. >> why appreciate you join us this morning. as the pope leaves for jfk, he is going to be landing at jfk in moments. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. see if we are back by the time hea lo lands. we'll be right back. s prevent te to smoke all day. s prevent te i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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5:29 am
or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. welcome back, you are look live right now at jfk airport. the pope just left the wall street heliport on his way to jfk airport where will depart for philadelphia. he is he going to speak at independence hall today. this after a mass last night in madison square garden for 200,000 people. people are expecting upwards of 11 million people this afternoon in philadelphia. >> all right. >> last night you started to think about this, and this morning i woke up and i said my prayers, as i always do. and i decided, you know, today is the day i'm going to do. this as simple as that. >> by do this he means leave his job as speaker of the
5:30 am
house. that's our other top story this morning. john boehner, speaker of the house, third most powerful person in america is leaving on his own terms. he was first elected to the house of representatives 25 years ago from ohio. he was named speakner 2011. what was behind this decision? joining us sniew former spokesman for speaker boehner and close confident terry holt. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> there is all these different ways to read. this we are going to you for what you believe is the true way. some are saying conservatives are saying he was forced out because the conference didn't support him. his allies are saying he just -- he is tired, he is 65. it's time to move on. what's your understanding of what actually happened? >> one of the great things about having been a spokesman for speaker john boehner over the years is that you can just go with exactly what he says. you don't have to read the tea leaves or, you know, do any psychotherapy, i think the moment that the pope came to the congress was a exoment of great achievement
5:31 am
for speaker boehner. he is he a devout man. a man of principle. i think he had had the time to reflect and realize that there is a good time to go. he took one for the team, tucker. i think that's pretty obvious. and he leaves the congress with a great record of accomplishment. obviously dignified leader. grew up in the reagan era. we see a turn of the page. >> an era of compromise. the reagan era. and some are criticizing this move as? perhaps a troubling ear are a come mow mize won't be coming any time soon do you buy that argument. >> hope springs eternal. i think he calculated that his departure would sort of reset the program a little
5:32 am
bit on the hill. i think we are still dealing dealing with some fairly intract tillable problems. this is a hart who hasn't had a national majority in a naivel election in more than 10 years. we need to figure out thousand appeal to a broad group of people can bring conservative agenda to washington and enact it so people can get some faith in their government again. the next few weeks should be fairly difficult and pretty crazy, but at the end of the day. i think that john did the right thing by allowing a new generation of leaders to have a go at it. >> terry, what does the landscape look like over the next couple of weeks? we are honing liters alert from a government should down what does it look like? >> leadership race that are going to go on. and that will distract the hill and everybody participating in it,
5:33 am
completely, you know. you have a full shakeup of the leadership of the republican party. we have to keep the government running. and solve some of the problems that have obviously come to light through this story. the planned parenthood issue sh and others. kevin mccarthy and other have a good handle on it it's not going to get easier, the speerm put this congress in pretty from ood terms, 237 republicans, largest republican majority since the 20s, he has made a strong majority for us to work with and now we have to come together. >> that's one of the reason conservatives are so mad and they are really mad as you well know. this are saying well, holy smokes we spent all this time electing the majority since the 20s as you noted and yet that the things that the congress has done are
5:34 am
not. dock fix, no candidate ran on the dock fix, expanding medicare funding, they ran on defunding obamacare and shrinking the size of government that's not what they did when they got elected. >> they all came to washington to sudden down a lot of the bad things happening here. in the process we also have to governor. you know, as i said before. you know, we can get a majority in a small, safe, republican district and elect a guy or a woman to that seat. in order to be a national party, we are going to have to nationalize our message and have a broader agendad plurek wanted of this 2.4 reasons why he we have had success in the face of the obama administration. >> that's one of the big stories we are following for you this morning, terry holt, g.o.p. strategist former spokesperson for former speaker of the house
5:35 am
john boehner. thankthank you for seeing us ths morning. >> following other breaking news this morning pope just landing at jfk airport. we want to take you there. to philadelphia is going to be speaking. >> the pope will be taking the -- the plane will be taking the pope south. national catholic weekly review. father matt through -- matthew malone. right on the precipice of the pope heading to philadelphia, what are you looking forward to most over the next 4 will 48 hours? >> just when you thought it couldn't get bigger than a mass with 20,000 people at madison square garden we have almost a million people in philadelphia. remarkable thing to be thinking about we were
5:36 am
speaking toker that son jonathan morris earlier. peak of the visit for the hope. people were excited hearing him speak in congress and the u.n. for him the weekend is is the most important part of the visit. >> that's the reason he came in the first place, pope benedict came and accepted to address the world meeting of families. this pope kept can the date precisely because of all of the issues he has been talking about when it comes to migration, economic inequality, seeing the other alienation those all crystallize in his view of the family as the most important part of society, the real building block of community. and so, this affords him an opportunity to bring all of those teams that he has been addr s together. >> he has been specific. knowsably specific in the sir i can't believe refugee crisis. what do you think his
5:37 am
specific policy prescriptions for strength the family will be? >> well. i would actually expect him to talk about the range of the issues. so, as you know he and the church have a concern about same sex marriage. there is a concern about divorce there is concern where migration and immigration how it can tear apart families. i would expect him to really be focused on immigration policy and on economics as two chief threats to the family as he sees it. what you are looking at security detail. multiple details landing in jfk before his helicopter will land before he takes off for if i philadelphia. the archbishop has personally petitioned the pope when he arrives to speak out about religious liberty and religious freedom. will he do that today?
5:38 am
>> i don't know. very hard to predict what this pope will say and do because is he fearless and free and upon takennous, hard to know exactly what he will do. i would be prized if he didn't mention it. it is a concern of his. understands it in an american context but most of the way in which he has talked about really just freedom and religious liberty has been in the context of the persecution of christians elsewhere in the world. >> he has also-ly to aren't many people who believe he will also speak about immigration toted in fill. controversial topic. yeah, absolutely. i think the most important thing that the pope is doing is actually reminding us of what the question is prepolicy right? and what he has been saying time and time again is that at the center of all of
5:39 am
these policy questions is not a floffor a theelg or ideology or a statistic or some other kind of construct, human con structure, but a person. created in the image and likeness of god. and unless we get the who right then we can't get the what and the how right. that's the message. that's the voice, the different voice that he brings to the conversation, i think. >> reminding us that at the bottom of the conversation is a person. >> absolutely. fle. >> it it does seem no matter how you slice it that people not getting married is a huge cause of the struskts family. majority of kids in america are born out of wedlock i think everybody agrees that's a concern. do you think he will address that? >> i would expect him to because it's one of the factors in income inequality. >> a major factor in income inequality. >> especially in philadelphia. >> we're looking live right now at jfk airport: security detail for the pope just landing helicopter. we haven't seen the helicopter lands just yet
5:40 am
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moments ago, right now, you are looking at jfk airport, where just moments ago the pope touched down in marine one. he is he going to be on his way to philadelphia where he will be speaking in independence hall today. that's the spot where america started. this comes after a mass last night at madison square garden for 2 o0,000 people. >> that's right. joining us now is the editor and chief of the america media and publisher of the national catholic weekly review father matthew malone. now, father, we were talking before the break as we watched the pope come to philadelphia. two jampacked days. importance of his message this morning and how it really differs from what he has been doing so far. staying purely away from politics and now focusing on the family message. >> yeah. i think first of all, the
5:44 am
pope is a political figure. right? he is the leader of 1.3 billion catholics, in the world. and he is the head of state. the turn makes truth claims that are member claims per se. so he is a political figure. and what he he says has political implications. is he a politician? is he a policy maker, no, he is not. and so there there is always an interplay. is he going to talk about the family. i imagined in independence hall he would talk about our tradition of having a strong religious sense in this country and also the religious liberty. will he make specific policy recommendations? no, i don't think he will. >> i'm so struck by the reception he has received. kind of amazed by it by the media reception. you worked in the media of course as well as being a priest. is the same people always talking about, worried about theocracy being established in the united states, seems so open-minded about this
5:45 am
pope. >> it's an extraordinary thing. i walk through columbus circle yesterday, and somebody saw my collar and said hey, father and then the crowd cheered. >> really? >> can i guarantee you that's never happened. >> you also heard at mat maaed so son square mass was applause and you typically don't hear that applause in church or during mass is a very recent phenomenon. only in the last 10 years have catholics gotten comfortable with applauding anything in church. and the ovation that they gave him last night was incredible. but speaking of the media i think there is something in an odd kind of way, i think the pain peace is suited to the media age which we are living because our attention is so diffused. this kind of desire to share
5:46 am
in experiences. right? and the papacy, by virtue of being in centralized office has a way of focusing our attention. i don't know anything more than that observation. >> it's true. it's not often that we have sort of a moan landing moment in this world where everyone is sorg and that's how it feels right now in the united states anyway all eyes right now on marine one as it just landed at jfk, the pope arriving there about to step off the aircraft. people along that rope line over there holding yellow flags. he has 15 minute window here at the airport before he departs. do you think we will be seeing him? there he is. you hear the crowd erupting. >> that's what we have seen all over. why don't we take a listen to the crowd for just a moment.
5:47 am
a wave of the crowd roaring. you hear him there cardinal dollan in the background. so you have a sense, you run this big catholic publication of how the pope is being received by american catholics. are they pretty unified in their support of him? >> i would. i think it's true at most every level of the church. i think people are really rallying to this man's style. the pastoral approach he is taking to the church. you know, he is touching them. in a way that i haven't seen since john paul ii first came to this country who are we seeing with him. cardinal dollan there, he has obviously has a staff. he has a translator by his side at nearly every turn, right? >> yes, he does. >> sciatica. he has people to help him on and off the plane. who are we looking at? >> classes now obscured is bishop, the bishop of brooklyn. he is greeting some sisters.
5:48 am
and i imagine. >> who is lucky enough to get to go to the airport on the tarmac to meet the pope? this has really been mapped out? >> every minute of it has been planned out. and tested and made steurer usually the cased that the bishop or archdiocese that the pope is in will select some folks from the local churches to say hello and goodbye to the pope and that's what we are seeing now. >> i can't imagine what it's like for the person who has to keep the pope on schedule. this particular pope francis because, you know, remember, we were talking about coverage last week preparing for his visit and every guest would say well, we just need to be prepared to be reinvolving around a very unpredictable figure and one who really wants to reach out to everyone who he
5:49 am
possibly can who do you they they keep him on this difficult of a schedule how difficult it is he. >> he brought a discipline to this trip that he may not have had on other trips and in the course of his every day life in rome mainly because he is in a very unfamiliar place around a very unfamiliar culture. this is his first trip to the united states. can you imagine being introduced to the united states of america in this way, right? and so i think that he is been disciplined about keeping to his schedule and keeping to his commitments and taking direction there is a level of security alone. >> five minutes late. he was supposed to take off at 8:45 a.m. eastern time from jfk to philadelphia. so about five minutes behind. a lot of people over on that
5:50 am
rope line might not get to shake his hands because is he running a little bit behind. had a 15 minute window at jfk. there is a lot riding on his arrival in philadelphia. a lot of timed events today. some of the people, there is a bunch of stars coming out. an odd selection of stars down at independence hall. comedian jim gaffigan is going to be down there speaking and doing some jokes and telling the crowd some jokes and then aretha franklin will be singing. >> yeah. >> mark wahlberg a catholic emcee of the event. >> hollywood mixture down there, father? >> yeah, that's extraordinary. >> i think that shows you his mass appeal. >> so to speak. >> no pun intended. he really is reachings is sinating to see. group coming out.
5:51 am
>> think he thinks of the united states judging from his statements. >> it's' hard to know. >> he doesn't judge people until he has met them. and i don't think that you could read into his critique of capitalism for example, a particular strain of anti-americanism. you know, he does appreciate the role that the united states plays in the world. and what we have done for good in the world. and he in the world and he also appreciates the role that the -- that the -- that the united states plays in the global church. we are a major supporter of the church. >> he was going up the steps and had a stumble there. we hope someone is helping the way it's windy jfk on the tarmac there, he is going up by himself. >> and he is carrying the bags. >> 78, has sciatica. someone should be holding his arm to help him up those steps.
5:52 am
we have all tripped up those steps. >> and he must be tired. >> absolutely. we've seen his just relentless schedule and keep in mind he is not used to this time zone. last night when he was conducting mass if i'm not mistaken it would have been around midnight for his local time. so he has been keeping a grueling schedule. >> father, he may even catch a nap later out on philadelphia's mainline it's a beautiful setting at st. charles seminary, 130 sem narians that live there. it's a beautiful campus. he may try to get some rest there. that's apparently where he is going to be sleeping tonight. i don't know if he gets a break, he gets to go there. does the pope take a nap? >> he has to pray for hours a day. >> does he get to break from the schedule and go to the zoo or have lunch with old friends or is it all pretty much official business? >> i don't think so. i think it's all pretty much official business and his tripping on the steps, wearing a cass sick like that, i have worn
5:53 am
a cassic, a black one, you have to grab it with both hands and lift it up so you don't trip on it and he was carrying a bag with one hand and i suspect that that's what happened. >> there were a lot of photos of him carrying that bag, i think it made the front page of the post the other day, they called it the pope's new bag, whatever their headline was. he carries his own -- carries his own things. >> what's in it? >> that's a good question. >> an ipad? >> i don't know. >> so he is carrying his own stuff, he doesn't have the handlers carrying everything for him at that moment. having trouble getting up those steps. on his way to philadelphia right now is the poip at jfk airport. >> if you were to sum up the pope's message of his whole trip, what would it be? >> i think it's what he said last night at madison square garden, god is alive and for him, for the church, the resurrection isn't something that happened 2000 years ago, it's happening now and it makes demands on us and the principal
5:54 am
demand that he feels it makes upon us in this -- in this day and time, is to go out and to encounter people. to have a political culture, to have a social culture, to have an ee close y'all culture that's built around dialogue rather than confrontation. >> what do you think his visit was done for the institution of cath olism? he has reached out to a lot of folks across the country and one of the major themes is that people are attracted to him even if they aren't catholic, they are attracted to his message and they are following the coverage that's been wall to wall. when he leaves u.s. soil what imprint, what impact has he had? >> that's the question, right? and that's why he has been challenging us and saying that we can't rely on the joy that he manifests to attract the people to the church. we actually have to manifest
5:55 am
this joy ourselves. we have to give an account of the joy that is within us as scripture says as pope benedict used to remind us that only joy is credible. right? it's only joy that allows heart to speak to heart. faith is a matter of the heart. it involves intellectual exercise t involves the mind but it's primarily a movement of the heart and i think the joy that we saw from him particularly during this leg in new york and then on the faces in central park and particularly last night at mass, it's a sign of great hope for the clurch in this country. >> he likes to be among the common people, do you think he sits coach or does he fly first class? >> i don't know. >> he talks to the reporters on the plane. he seems to wander back and talk to reporters and take questions freely. >> he does. and that is an innovation. you know, that's a totally
5:56 am
different approach than that which was taken by his predecessors. pope benedict gave -- john paul ii gave some interviews to the polish press particularly, pope benedict gave two book length interviews but they were highly philosophical or theological. this pope speaks freely. he gives interviews and that sometimes means that things can get messy in the translation and people guess about what he's talking about. >> father malone, we appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you for your analysis of the pope's visit. we appreciate it on this momentous day here in the united states. more fox and friends in just moments. first we have governor chris christie, he will be joining us on the other side of this break as the pope makes his way to philadelphia. we will be talking to the governor coming up in just a few minutes.
5:57 am
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this is a fox news alert. pope francis about to take off from jfk airport for philadelphia. he is just boarded that plane after a whirlwind trip through the big apple. today he will speak at independence hall in philadelphia to a crowd of thousand us. >> getting all the prep work ready. brian yennis is outside of independence hall in philadelphia where the pope will spend the next two days. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. we are waiting his arrival at about 9:30, he is running a little late. once he gets here the governor and mayor as well as the archbishop will meet him on the tarmac frchlt there pope francis will head directly over to the cathedral of the basilica of saints paul and peter which he will then speak to about 1,600 parishioners there. that is the largest catholic church in pennsylvania and the last pope to speak there was pope john paul ii in 1979, the last time philadelphia hosted a
6:01 am
papal visit. after that is his much anticipated speech at independence hall, the symbolism can't k. not be overlooked or understated. he is coming to the birthplace of american democracy where he will be speaking using the abraham lincoln's old lectern that abraham lincoln used during his gettysburg address. not only will he be speaking to a crowd of 40,000, much of that crowd is expected to be hispanic, hispanic american as well as american from latin america. remember, he is here for the world meeting of families. so a million and a half people have descended on the city of philadelphia. after he speaks here at independence hall he will head over to really the famous philadelphia art museum right there on the parkway here where he will talk to and take part in the family of if he is hits, there will be a concert with aretha franklin, the fray, it will be a fun night tonight. his schedule booked until 9:00 tonight. the big speech here at independence hall really about immigration, religious freedom
6:02 am
at 4:00. a hectic day but he won't be dealing with any of that traffic. the security in this city, the fifth largest city, completely shut down. i believe i heard tucker say it's as though it's storm preparation. that's exactly right. five-mile radius of this city completely blocked off. no traffic, nobody is coming through the main ben franklin highway, that is only for pedestrian traffic. he should be getting to his places pretty quickly here in philadelphia. >> people receiving storm alerts down there. >> everything is closed down. let's bring in new jersey governor chris christie who joins us on the phone. governor, thank you so much -- joining us in person, i'm so sorry. thank you so much for joining us. i want to switch gears and get your reaction to the bombshell that really rocked the news cycle yesterday, house speaker julie banderas announcing that he will be retiring next month. what does this mean for the republican party? >> well, listen, it's a reset down in congress in a congress
6:03 am
that needs a reset really badly. you know, first of all, i think the speaker has been an outstanding public servant over the last 25 years in congress and i think this thursday was an incredible day for him. he has been working for 20 years to try to get a pope to come and address a joint session of congress and i think he probably looked at it as a great cap to his career. but this congress needs a reset. the american people i think are really disappointed, they gave our party majorities in both houses and we have not delivered some of the things that we need to deliver. so this would be an appropriate time for the house republicans to take a look at themselves and decide what they want to stand for for the rest this have term. >> governor, as i know a lot of conservatives hold speaker boehner personally responsible for those things, they cheered when he announced he was going to retire. do you think it's responsible for hold him responsible for the failures of congress? >> leaders are responsible and accountable for what happens on on their watch. let's face t there is a
6:04 am
significant number of members of that house who will all have to look in the mirror, as well as the folks in the senate because america knows that washington, d.c., is so broken and dysfunctional, they can't get anything done, much different than what's happened in the states. >> governor, i know you said -- >> that's why they don't trust people. >> i know you said at the last debate you don't like being interrupted. unfortunately the pope is having to interrupt you for just a moment. >> that's okay. >> he is taking off right now for philadelphia. we just want to take a few quick seconds as he is leaving. stay with us, governor. >> sure. >> here is his plane taxying down the runway and he is about to depart for philadelphia. governor, your thoughts on the pope's visit to the united states and what has this done, his message at congress the other day and what he will address on religious freedom and immigration in philadelphia this afternoon. >> it's extraordinarily exciting for all americans and especially for american catholics to have the pope here in the united states and visiting and bringing
6:05 am
his message. so i think it's wonderful for our country to have the pope come and visit. as i said before, there are certain things that i agree with the pope on and other things that i don't agree with him on as a matter of public policy even as a catholic you have to be able to express those things and i have, but it doesn't diminish in any way the excitement we all feel for having the holy father here in the united states. >> so you felt that it was appropriate for the pope to address congress obviously. were you struck by the response he got? a lot of people you don't think of as traditional allies for the catholic church embraced him heart i will. why do you think that was? >> i think he is an ex trorl naerl compassionate man and i think that that compassion comes out and people are drawn to it. and i think it's another indication of how important leadership is in this country and around the world. that people want to be led, they want strong leaders and even when you don't agree with someone on some issues, that
6:06 am
sense of leadership and compassion that the pope has is something people are drawn to. >> governor, we are taking live look as we watch the pope need philadelphia. we do want to get to some other top picks with you. i want to switch gears because officials say the obama administration has discovered a chain of e-mails that hillary clinton has failed to turn over when she said that she had provided her full record ever work-related e-mails. in fact, we had also heard that there was correspond ens between her and general david petraeus. i want to get your reaction to the democratic frurner and the fact we are hearing there are more e-mails being disclosed. >> as a former united states attorney for seven years in new jersey i've seen this happen over and over again. when people aren't candid or up front about their conduct you get this drip of more information. mrs. clinton has serious problems that she needs to address with the american people and with the department of justice.
6:07 am
the fact is that she is heading towards some big problems for herself and potential prosecution. not only because she appears to have miss handled national security information, but also because this is beginning to look more and more like obstruction of justice and i think that secretary clinton has a lot of answers that she can no longer be the imperial person she has been where when folks like ed henry ask her two or three questions she only answers one because she has that's all he is entitled to. this is not royalty and you are not the queen. you need to answer questions for the american people and i think the american people are growing tired of this act from mrs. clinton and this newest revelation shows that she hasn't been completely open with us. i've been saying that for months and i've been saying this is moving towards serious legal problems for mrs. clinton. >> the elders of her party still seem to support her. is that because they don't have a choice? do you think they will start to criticize her in public? >> i'm not going to try to figure out the internal workings
6:08 am
of the national democratic party. i can't quite figure it out. i can't figure out why mrs. clinton given all her difficulties is in the position she's n but that's for the democrats to figure out. we have enough to deal with on our side of the aisle. i still think she will probably be the person standing on that stage next october and i think the republican party is going to want a former federal prosecutor on that stage across from her to prosecute the case against hillary clinton's past and her vision for america's future. >> on the one side of the screen we have governor chris christie of new jersey and the other side of the green we are seeing the pope leaving jfk right now on his way to philadelphia. >> why are you in new hampshire, governor? >> well, you might have heard that they have the first in the nation primary for president and so i'm up here working hard. we had a great town hall meeting, over 300 people last night in nashua, new hampshire. i will be speaking today at a drug addiction rally, an issue that i feel incredibly strongly
6:09 am
about. so we have got a number of things we're doing up here, my wife is with me and we're campaigning and meeting folks up here in new hampshire. >> so i'm just interested, governor, no one ever asks this question, but as you well know heroin, opioid addiction is a huge problem in rural america, particularly in the northeast. it's been devastating. why? what's the cause of that do you think? >> well, i think it's a number of things. the first thing is that, you know, the genesis of a lot of this is the abuse of prescription painkillers and what happens is people -- doctors are much too easily giving out in my view prescription painkillers, people get addicted to those prescription painkillers and those become either unavailable to them or much too expensive to get on the black market. heroin is significantly cheaper and people move right from that addiction to an addiction to heroin. so it's an enormous problem and heroin is cheap and available on the streets and people are becoming addicted to it very, very quickly. >> one of the problems, too,
6:10 am
governor, i want to get your take on this, we see obviously newark well in new jersey and there has been a revitalization projects that have been going on in cities in new jersey to try to rejuvenate some of those downtrodden, some of the trouble spots in this country. as you travel around what sort of message do you have for some of those cities. obviously with the pope's visit has highlighted some of these inconsistencies in class in this country and stories of rounding up homeless people to make way for the pope's visit and coming n what do you make of that? what sort of message do you have for the country as you look at revitalizing these major cities in america? >> well, my message is that government by itself is not the solution to fixing the problems of america's cities. we need to partner with the private sector to do that. that's what we've done in new jersey. you see billions of dollars you new private sector investment happening in newark. i announced $5700 million development on the waterfront in
6:11 am
camden right across the delaware river from where the pope is headed right now in what used to be characterized as america's most dangerous city. the murder rate has gone down 61%. we have revitalized our educational system and now we have a $700 million private sector development project going on on the waterfront in camden, new jersey. you can do this by having innovative ideas that partner government with the private sector to help to revitalize our cities. a growth of capitalism in our cities is what's going to raise folks in those cities up, give them greater opportunities. we do not need a top down government solution, we need a bottom up solution and that's the kind of solutions we're bringing in new jersey. >> governor, chris christie we have one more question for you. we're going to switch gears sort of back where we started. speaking julie banderas as we discussed earlier has said he will be retiring. who is your prediction for the next speaker of the house?
6:12 am
>> i don't have any prediction for the next speaker of the house. i just hope that it's someone who the american people can have faith and confidence in again. >> someone on a harley? >> no it was actually a camaro. the fact is i hope that someone will emerge who can deliver on the promises that the congressional republicans have made to the american people over the course of time. they're tired of being disappointed. tax reform should be put on the president's desk. if he wants to veto it, make him veto it. we should put a defunding of planned parenthood on the president's desk. if he wants to veto those things let them but at least the american people will then see who the obstructionist in washington is. >> you just included planned parenthood in that. so you think it's worth shutting down the government over that issue? >> no, that's not what i said, tucker. what i said was that there should be a bill placed on his desk about defunding planned
6:13 am
parenthood. >> right. >> i'm not an advocate for shutting down the government. i think that's not a responsible thing to do when we're sent down there to govern, but you can put a bill on his des tok defund planned parenthood. if he wants to veto it, let him, but then the american people will see that he is on the side of an organization that advocates and acts on the systematic murder of children in the womb in a way that maximizes their body parts to be sold on the open market for profit. if that's where the president and hillary clinton want to stand, then let's make them stand there. and i'm happy to stand on the other side that protects life and says that we shouldn't be funding organizations that engage in the systematic murder of children in the womb in other words to maximize their profits. and i think that's a debate and argument that i would love to have in front of the american people because i don't think the american people whether you are pro life or pro choice advocate for the conduct we have seen in those videos by folks at planned parenthood. >> governor chris christie thanks for spending the last 15 minutes with us this morning with some flight interruptions in the middle of it.
6:14 am
>> good luck with a drag racing. >> thank you very much. and to be interrupted by the holy father is no big deal. immigration issues have been focusing or our southern border should we be focused on our northern border, too?
6:15 am
6:16 am
6:17 am
welcome back. the liberal media scoffed at scott walker when he said he was looking into a canadian border wall. do you remember this? >> we want to build a wall north of the border, too? >> some people are raised legitimate concerns including law enforcement folks saying this is a legitimate issue for us to look at. >> the wisconsin governor who just suspended his presidential campaign may feel vind lags from this new poll. according to the bloomberg politics poll over half a country says a wall is needed on the canadian border as well as the mexican border. dennis michael lynch is an independent filmmaker who has been investigating the illegal
6:18 am
immigration problem in the united states. he says the problem is more serious than anyone can imagine. >> thanks for having me back. >> in your new documentary they come to america 3 the cost of obama's legacy you're saying this this problem is bigger than we realize. why? >> not one presidential candidate including trump has even touched the surface. >> really? >> i've been doing this for five years, it's been almost my entire life and i can tell you that the border patrol agents are reaching out to me, dennis, go here, go there. they said you need to go to the northern border. >> canada, longs? >> the islamic extremism that's coming out of canada is a greater threat than anything we have in mexico. when i went up there with my cameras and saw what was taking place, right now you are seeing the visualizations of mosques, there are waterfront mosques right across from new york and i don't know if we have the clip or not. >> we do. >> okay. this is an ice bridge. take a look at what you are seeing the canadian border
6:19 am
patrol are seeing along this ice bridge. watch this. >> they come over in trucks, nobody says anything. they come across the ice with stuff in their truck, no border patrol, no customs, no nothing. >> coming out of there there's no border, but border station. >> border station. >> there is a border. you didn't hear me say anything of that. you are not recording this, are you? >> let me stet seth this up for you, there is a huge mosque the size of a university sitting on the water in canada and it's about three miles from new york, but there are little tiny islands, puddle jumping islands with homes. what they do is they drive across the ice and when they get to the other side they are basically in the u.s. and as you just heard that customs guy to say there's nobody there to stop them. one of the things that is a complete nightmare, when you look at the southern border we have 2000 miles, we have 27,000 agents. up in canada you have 4,000 to 5,000 miles and less than 2000
6:20 am
agents. there is nobody covering this and this sort of thing takes place every single day. >> where did can people learn for about this. >> if they go to they come to and they get the dvd, i give them free ones, pass them out to everybody. you've said four out of ten americans want more security on the northern border. after they watch this, after they watch this sort of thing, you will be closer to ten. >> wow. dennis michael lynch, always great to see. >> you thank for having me. it's one of the most emotional moments of the pope's visit, a girl in a wheelchair blessed by pope francis. what he said when she joins us live next. up next, a lesson in compaction. a professor holds class while holding a single mother's baby. they join us live. place for incredible savings. like select bass pro ball caps for only $5.
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we have a few quick head lines. a lock down at one of the country's busiest airports all triggered by a man going the wrong way through a terminal exits. authorities closed all the exits for about a half an hour. they said they arrested the man but they think he just made an honest mistake. a lavish state dinner at the white house last night to which you were not invited as president obama hosted the chinese president, the event coming hours after the u.s. and china reached some kind of agreement on cyber spying promising not to support the theft of int electric do you recall property or trade secrets, but one secret the white house might be trying to keep, the fact there were many protesters outside the white house. the white house put up screens
6:25 am
to prevent china's president from having his meal wrecked from protesters outside. elizabeth. thank you, tucker. switching gears, it's something that any parent can relate torques the baby-sitter falls through. it happened to one single mom an army veteran and student when she had to go to class. but it's what happened next that has gone viral. the reaction of his professor captured in this photo. joining me now is that fro sever, joel bunkowski at deaf rye's college and student amanda bosden and mer almost two-year-old son xavier. >> professor, i want to start with you. when amanda initially called me said what? >> well, she said that her baby-sitter wasn't there, she had gone by. so she wanted to come to class, she is a 4.0 student, she is amazing and for her not coming
6:26 am
to class wasn't really an option so she said, can i bring xavier to class? i said, well, good to me, but i better talk to the director, campus director, peter powell, make sure that's okay and peter powell and i talked and we said, here is the main thing, devry is all about serving our students. if a life circumstance comes up we have got to accommodate that to the best of our ability and we would much rather someone be in class than miss. >> now, i appreciate ammanda, i want to ask you because it is every mom's nightmare. i can't imagine a baby-sitter not showing up. what do you do? were you nervous when you had to call your professor and also walk me through what happened that day and how we are all looking at that very viral photo now. >> yes, i was very, very nervous, i was stressed out. i have never had to bring xavier to class before. so pretty much what happened was my baby-sitter she is amazing,
6:27 am
she just has a teething baby at home also so she didn't hear me knocking at her door and so i just called my professor like he just said -- and they okayed it for me to bring him to class and when i brought him to class i was very scared because he is almost two, that he was going to be a big distraction. he wasn't. he was an angel. up until the 7:30 break, our class is from 6:00 to 9:00, up until that 7:30 break he sat beside me, didn't make a peep, except for when everybody else in class laughed, he laughed with us. and 7:30 after that break he decided he wanted to get down and start walking around, i was like, no you have to stay here with mommy, that's when the professor looked at me and said if he wants to get down and walk around that's completely fine. 's toddler. it's impossible for a toddler to sit there still for three hours. so that's when i let him down and he did all that stuff -- let me let him down. >> absolutely. thank you both for joining us and amanda, i think it's so great that you were able to
6:28 am
bring him to class and it's not easy being a working mom and you did it gracefully. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, remember the kid arrested for bringing a clock to school? he's laughing about it now. >> it was a little cool to get arrested. it does give you a little street cred. >> it was -- it was kind of cool. >> kind of cool. but his dad still wants to sue. judge alex will tell us if they still have a case. and one of the most powerful moments of the pope's visit, a little girl in a wheelchair gets a blessing from the pontiff. what he said to her when she joins us live in moments.
6:29 am
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6:33 am
world. >> it is a lot of fun. >> 30 years, really? >> absolutely. 30 years started as a simple concept, cinnamon roll, expanded to a billion dollar brand. >> was this like the first cinnabon, that size? >> just to your left. >> we've come a long way. >> those were bites. >> you say just a cinnamon roll, you took this seriously and applied science to the question of cinnamon rolls. >> if you talk about our makar cinnamon, it's sourced from indonesia, it took us years to mind. our cinnamon is different from your average run-of-the-mill cinnamon. >> is this a big bowl that have? >> that is brown sugar and the cinnamon that is put in all our cinnamon rolls. >> what about this? >> that is a sin sweetie. on the notion of getting too small and portable and being on trend, this is our birthday cake cinne sweaty. from today from 11:00 to 1:00 we
6:34 am
are giving everybody is free mini bun. please come to the bakery and celebrate. >> you walk in and say happy birthday, cinnabon and get a free one of those? >> you bet cha. it's because of our fans and people who love cinnabon that we are what we are today. >> you are a very fit guy and you told me you eat cinnabon every day. >> it's all about balance. i mean, look, people want to indulge so i would not recommend that for people at home, we don't want anybody to get hurt by the megabon. >> thank you so much. happy birthday to cinnabon. thanks for joining us on a bit of a jam packed news day as well. >> this will all be gone by the time we get back. we have to get to headlines. for the first time the ntsb is looking into duck tour boats as critics deem them too dangerous for city streets. this follows an accident in washington state that killed four international students from north seattle college. a duck boat suddenly lost
6:35 am
control and slammed into their bus. critics say the boats are built more like tanks for war, not for ferrying tourists on narrow streets. listen to this, a mom from southern new jersey is crying foul after her eight-year-old daughter is suspended from school for wearing the wrong shade of green. >> the principal told me that i don't have to stay here and i could leave. >> i messed it up for my child and she will be suspended next time for it. but to suspect a child over the shade of a color of a shirt, i found it a little ridiculous. >> a little ridiculous? the strict dress code at the public elementary school states shirts can only be white, dark green or navy blue. it says what a student wears can influence their behavior. so that slight shade of green. people magazine, does this story, accusing the army of helping women pass the elite ranger school. the magazine reporting that the women were sent to a special
6:36 am
training program to help them get ready for the school three months before it began. the army reportedly deciding failure was not an option and at least one woman must get through the program. first lieutenant kristen griest and shaye haver graduated last month alongside close to 400 men in the ranger program. the army denies people magazine's report and says the magazine failed every person who ever earned the coveted ranger tab. drink up, ladies. it can help your heart. new study finds women who enjoy a beer or two a week actually lower their risk of a heart attack by 30%. that's compared to heavy drinkers. and women who never drink beer. scientists say more research is needed to determine exactly why. more beer drinking. i haven't had anything to drink this morning. those are your headlines. over to elizabeth with a touching story. all right. right now let's take a look live, pope francis is on his way
6:37 am
to philadelphia. here you can see this is where he is going b. to land any moment. meanwhile, back here in new york the pope had a very emotional greeting inside st. patrick's cathedral on thursday night. a teenage girl who is confined to a wheelchair met pope francis. she suffers from spine in a bifd da and was truly a dream come true. she joins us from her amazing story. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me what it was like on thursday. it was awesome? >> yes. >> walk me through happened. >> i just went up the aisle and as soon as i saw him i immediately started crying. i was just so in tears crying. >> you can really see the emotion in so many people's faces and look at this exchange that you had here. what was going through your mind at this moment and what was it like to really just be embraced by the pope? >> it was amazing. absolutely amazing.
6:38 am
just to see him and actually meet him. it was such a blessing. >> a very emotional and touching service. how did the rest of the night go? how was the service? >> it was absolutely amazing and absolutely beautiful. >> now, you had also met pope benedict that was before your surgery. so tell me a little bit about that and tell me about your surgery. >> originally pope benedict actually blessed me before my original back surgery and that was a hard moment. >> you had said -- >> that was hard for me. >> you had said that you didn't know if you would be able to survive that, but you had his blessing beforehand. >> yeah. >> now that you have pope francis' blessing what is your hopes for the future? >> i'm hoping for the future that i am hopefully get to live a happy life and just be with my
6:39 am
friends and my family and people who i love and care about me so much and just live a happy life. >> when you see the reception that pope francis is getting across the u.s. and you have had the opportunity to meet him and be embraced by him, how does that make you feel when you see him go through the city streets? >> oh, my god. it makes me feel so happy and blessed. >> thank you so much, stephanie, for coming and sharing your story. it is so amazing that you were able to see him and touch him and also meet pope benedict and we appreciate you coming in and sharing your story and we dosh that you have that happy and healthy life. thank you so much. clayton and tucker over to you guys. a live look now at philadelphia, the pope is expected to touchdown in that city in just moments, flying from jfk in new york city and we will be there. the pope is landing in mere
6:40 am
seconds here. there he is. waiting for him in philadelphia right now as he is heading to independence hall where they have been setting up all -- the past two weeks i guess they have been setting up in philadelphia at independence hall and all the surrounding streets have been closed down, the whole city is basically shut down today. people are getting alerts on their phone, letting them know what streets are open, most businesses around philadelphia have been totally shut down this weekend, however, for journalists starbucks is open, all the many thousands of journalists who are descended to philadelphia can get their coffee fix. they will need it. it's going to be a busy day. >> father jonathan morris is back on the couch to talk. let's focus around philadelphia this morning. we hear that the pope has been -- has been pushed to speak about religious freedom in philadelphia today. do you think that he will be speaking about religious freedom down there in additio
6:41 am
immigration and some of the other issues he is set to talk about? >> well, if we look at what philadelphia means for the history of our united states it is about liberty and religious liberty of course is at the very, very top of the list not only from the catholic church's perspective but also from our constitution's point of view. the ability to worship god and not only to worship god freely but to live one's faith freely in a complex society. it's the message also that pope francis gave of course at the white house. maybe we took a lot more coverage on the fact that he talked about global warming understandably because that is a little change from perhaps what other popes have done in the past, putting so much emphasis on t but he also talked a lot about religious liberty. he also mentioned in that speech and i haven't heard it talked about a lot that the pitch shops of the united states have been fighting for religious liberty at home of course talking about the mandate in the healthcare bill and that was right in front
6:42 am
of president obama. he's saying that that, too, is important. we are not just talking about religious liberty in the middle east, for example. >> right. interesting. so when thams the pope obviously and his advisors knows he is going to in effect confront the president over a public policy issue. how does that happen? do they sit down in a group at the vatican and figure out how that is going to unfold or does the pope just say what he thinks on the spur of the moment? >> not on the spur of the moment but it used to be that there was a tremendous amount of input from the local -- from the local place where a pope would be visiting, in other words, speeches would actually be drafted and sent to the pope, why don't you say this. and there was a lot of -- a lot of -- a lot of input taken from the ground. from what i've gathered there has been less of that is correct certainly, for example, here in new york and in washington, d.c., the local arch bishops in this case cardinals had input and would have given that input, as well as the u.n. and vatican
6:43 am
nuncios or ambassadors would be saying this is what i think would be important, but pope francis, differently than pope benedict and even john paul ii has been doing a lot of it on his own and with his very small group of advisors. >> we're looking live t looks like the pope has landed safely in philadelphia. we know that he will be heading to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul, he will be greeted by a children's choir performing outside and have the parade arrival. >> i want to ask you, father, he delivered mass last night in madison square garden. how does he cater his sermons and speeches for all these different events when you take into account who is there, you know, your audience, obviously he spoke to the u.n. and he spoke to congress. so this is just a wide range of an audience that he needs to be prepared for. so how does he focus now on philadelphia at this particular moment? >> that's an excellent question.
6:44 am
a very well known commentator in political things and social things here was livid with pope francis after he gave his homily in washington, d.c., at the national shrine saying, you know, he blew it. he could have at that moment talked about this, this, this, and this, he absolutely blew it. what i thought to myself was you don't know pope francis and you don't know his strategy. pope francis' strategy so to speak as a shepherd is when i'm talking to the people in front of me, i'm going to talk to them and to them alone. that's how you understand pope francis. we would like to think, oh, gosh, he's speaking to the whole world, doesn't he realize there are television cameras on him? he says, no i will get to that is correct i will be speaking to the u.n. and when i speak to those u.n. leaders i will be talking to them and to them alone about what we can actually work together on and accomplish together. we would say, no but why don't
6:45 am
you also talk about this? don't you realize what that is happened in the united states last week or one month ago? and he says, no i'm talking to these people. it's a one on one approach. >> that's what we just saw in that last segment in elizabeth's interview was that one-on-one approach. >> unbelievable. >> the other day in new york city and to hear after that many surgeries on her back, when i saw that story on the news the other night i got so choked up as a result of t this young girl. >> so he just lands right now in philadelphia, took a 92-mile flight from jfk to philadelphia. among the people meeting him a retired philadelphia police officer shot in the line of duty, also the archbishop of philadelphia will be there as well. and the crowds being gathering, father, already. the gates around independence hall have been filled with people. it's already standing room only. i was struck by a photo that i saw of a little girl sitting right by the gate, the family got there at 5:00 in the morning
6:46 am
in the dark, she is writing a note to the pope, writing a letter to the pope, she is hoping that she can hand this letter to the pope. how much time will he have to interact with people? >> a lot more than he has in washington, d.c., and new york city. because here in new york city and washington, d.c., the organizers were actually told, no major, major, big events. no yankee stadium. yes, it was madison square garden, but madison square garden holds 20,000. they told new york city and washington, d.c., no mega masses, no mega -- because we want that to be for philadelphia and that's going to be leading right up to the library, remember the "rocky" movie of rocky running up the steps of the library, that's where the mass is going to be and that's going to be the big, big event. >> it's the art museum. >> is that right? ? >> yeah. >> so he is coming for this family conference you told us about. explain what that is and the purpose ff. >> say that again. >> he's coming to philadelphia for this conference on families.
6:47 am
>> yes. >> tell what you say that is. >> every few years a vatican department organizes this world meeting of families and it's bringing families together, teaching the faith, passing on the message of the gospel, having workshops on different areas of concern, training people to spread the gospel and then of course sometimes the pope comes. not very often, but every once in awhile. he wanted to come to this. i think it's important to realize that in the vatican next month will be a major meeting about the family and pastoral issues regarding the family, about concrete things. like how do you take care pastorally of same-sex couples, how do you take care of pastorally people horv divorced and remarried? talk being real life practical issues and bishops are going to be there in october and it's going to be to be a contentious time no doubt. i think this is going to be a
6:48 am
preview of that. the messages that he gives to philadelphia to these large crowds are going to be listened to by the representatives of bishops from around the world to see where he's going and in the end it will be pope francis will make the decisions after the senate of bishops after this meeting practically of what that means for policy within the catholic church. >> we're looking live right now they just rolled out the red carpet for the pope. he will be the first to get off the plane today. father, one of the things that we were discussing earlier was how important today is and not to dismiss what he has done over the past four days, but how important today is to him because he really values the meaning of a family. >> he does. he sees the family as the catholic church has seen and a lot of other churches, christian and nonchristian alike as the basic building cell of society. that place where the faith is transmitted, where the primary
6:49 am
education of children is carried out in the home. he says if it falls apart and then society is going to fall apart. that the best thing for children as pope francis would see it is to have a mother and a father. it can't always happen. we have, you know, divorce rate is 50% right now and it doesn't always happen, but pope francis believes that that's important. >> let's listen here because the doors of the airplane just opening. let's listen to the crowd as the pope about to step off the plane here in philadelphia. and the marching band laying right now in philadelphia. bish shon shanihan school is playing, the marching band. >> who are we looking at? are these security guards? >> that's vatican security. they are always in coordination with local security, but there's always a vatican detail that
6:50 am
also includes swiss guards but in plain clothes. >> the oldest army in the world. >> all right. as as we're looking at the security there, we want to bring informer secret service agent. be sure to tell us what philadelphia is doing to prepare for the pope. jonathan, you're looking at this on the screen. tell us about what the city has done to get ready for it. >> they have spent months preparing with the u.s. secret service and they have been looking at all of the locations that the pope has planned to attend, transportation issues. . and really crowd management events for the large-scale event. this security planning has been going on for a long time. director clancy went to the vatican to meet with his security counterparts, to really
6:51 am
understand this very special and unique protectee. >> jonathan, give us a behind-the-scenes look at this. what is going on behind the scenes right now as they are prepping the roadways taking him into center city philadelphia. >> absolutely. where you're looking at is the final one-third of this unprecedented visit to the united states by pope francis. so right now what is happening in philadelphia is the pope is reaching out and being greeted by the crowds. the police are shutting down the roadways. the areas that he's going to be going to are becoming more secure. really, the full security operations going into effect now. >> it's going to be a massive display at the art museum, the philadelphia art museum. you can hear the song in the background, the famous scene from the 1976 movie where rocky is running up the steps.
6:52 am
that's where he'll be standing and they built this elaborate -- it's actually kind of small for most performances. it's like three small green rooms, apparently modest accommodations when they are rerekting this artificial structure. when you have an artificial structure set up in a public arena like that, what sort of security problems might arise? >> really, what would have to happen is, again, going back to the planning stages, the very active stages of preparing, they look at the structures, they are ininstructed time and time again. they have to meet our security protocols and ensure that god forbid anything was to happen that we would be able to extract pope francis safely, even on the temporary structure. >> the pope has been working nonstop for the last couple of days. you really get a sense of what a
6:53 am
physical job it is. >> 78, almost 79 years old, it's got to be overwhelming and certainly there's human adrenaline, natural adrenaline that's playing in. >> yeah. >> and also, as he's explained, there's also the grace of god and the power of the holy spirit in his life allowing him to do what he's doing. he's described himself that at a certain moment right after the election, he received a jolt of energy and vibrancy that was completely unexpected and he has not lost that sense. >> we see him being introduced to the governor, the mayor, also the family who lost a fallen officer in the line of duty. and i want to ask you, father, we've talked a lot about him reaching out as we've seen going into crowds and reaching out to folks. do you think that he'll have more of an opportunity now that he's in philadelphia because we
6:54 am
saw really extreme security measures when he was in washington and new york and also had a very strict schedule. do you think that he'll have a little bit more of an opportunity to do what he wants to do, which is shake hands? >> i think so. this is a very different venue than the u.n. and congress. and i think it's geared towards him being with the people. >> i think it also has a bigger effect and makes me want to go back and be close to people. it makes the average person want to imitate him. >> father, we appreciate you joining us. it's been great to have you here during our show this morning. i want to get back out to jonathan, a former secret service agent who has years of experience of protecting the president, of course. when you look at the motorcade, it stopped in new york city. they have the same motorcade here? it looks like a brand-new fiat. they don't drive it down the parkway to get here, right? >> no, they don't.
6:55 am
wherever the protectee goes, it is there for him. >> we moved out of the papal apartments into a hotel on the vatican grounds. he has a modest car in rome and i just think that he's of a mind to be consistent in his messaging and symbolism. >> a beautiful morning in philadelphia as the pope is just landing there making his way off the tarmac at the airport heading into philadelphia with streets shut down. millions of people expected to descend near the art museum and independence hall to hear the pope speak later this afternoon. we're listening to our steve
6:56 am
keeley, one of our great reporters for fox 29 as he attempts to maybe get a little closer to the pope. >> i'm really struck of the energy from the pope. for a man who is about to turn 79, definitely seems like he's on the balance. >> you know, as energized as people are to see him, he's energized to see them. this man is an extrovert and takes the energy in. >> we see him getting out of the fiat which is really something that none of us should be terribly surprised about. he got out to stop the vehicle and it looks as if he walked over and is blessing -- unfortunately, i can't see if it's a young man or woman. we see what could be the young man or woman's father and mother. >> before we go to break, let's see if we can get steve's audio.
6:57 am
>> no, we don't. >> he was trying to get close as he was reaching over and blessing a young person there. >> isn't this living proof of what we've been talking about, completely unpredictable and spontaneous, which is part of his mass appeal, as he takes the time, he has a schedule to follow, he has a mass that he's going to be attending to and took the time to stop the car and bless a family member, a member of the crowd. really fascinating. >> thank you, father. we'll take a quick break as -- no, we're not going to take a break. the pope trumps commercial breaks today. >> he does. >> so it looks like he's going to give an address this morning. is that right? >> he's going to say mass at the saints peter and paul basilica.
6:58 am
>> last night, with the mass like i would give, though i have never said one for 20,000 people, and the only difference, really, was that the cardinal gave some words of greeting at the end. otherwise, it was identical. >> he's driving into center city. >> the purpose of a motorcade is that all of the vehicles sort of blend together so you can't really tell, you know, who was in what vehicle and what we've seen with the pope is that there's really no mistaking which vehicle he's in. >> no. >> not only he is in the fiat, i don't think i've seen the window up once. >> the pope is sitting in traffic. >> you're right. it's not an unending chain. does he have a popemobile for philadelphia, do you think? >> yes, he does.
6:59 am
of course, it's a different popemobile than what pope benedict had in 2008. this is a popemobile that is really open the sides so that he can reach out and touch the people. >> so it's really called a popemobile? >> it is. it was christianed the popemobile by the american people and the vatican has now adopted it. >> it's about a 15-minute ride or so from the airport, maybe 20 minutes. if you get traffic, 30 minutes. if you're a pope, you can get there in ten minutes to center city, philadelphia, where he's going to be speaking in a short time in front of millions of people. we have continuing coverage here on fox news channel all throughout the day. and our friends on the other
7:00 am
floo floors, bill and lauren. stay tuned for that. >> thanks, father. we appreciate that. >> thank you. >> thanks for staying with us this morning. >> he is on the move yet again in the city of brotherly love where they have thrown air arms wide open for pope francis. good morning, everybody, from philadelphia, the final stop for pope francis and frankly the reason he came to the united states in the first place. this is the beginning of the world meeting of families, an event that his holiness committed to a year ago and today the promise is fulfilled. they expect 500,000 today. they expect a million tomorrow for the final mass on this trip. just watching the holy father a moment ago in the back of the fiat as he was speaking to his translator tois


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